Labour Tories and media luvvieocracy Pump Up The Hate, UKIP Steamroller On

ukip jewish candidates
JewKIP, UKIP Jewish candidates with Nigel Farage (source)

How insane are things going to get this week as the left, already incoherent with impotent rage because we the people refuse to be bullied by their screams of ‘racism’ or ‘homophobia’. And not just the left, because while Labour are likely to suffer in the former industrial heartlands of the midlands and north (so effectively deindustrialised by Tony Blair’s diastrous New Labour project after having been trashed by the depredations of the Thatcher era Conservatives) the Tories are taking a hammering in the south while everywhere the Lib Dems are gazing into the abyss.

Today, bereft of ideas, bankrupt of policies and with only screeching harridans and limp wristed eunuchs to offer in place of leaders, it seems left and right can only turn the hysteria knob up to eleven.

In both The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph we have senior writers launching irrational attacks on UKIP, trying (and failing) to twist the most innocuous casual remark into something offensive, while the Labour racist MP David Lammy once more makes outrageously racist remarks about white people and no meeja voice is raised in protest.

The problem the left have you see is they are too smug, too self regarding and too arrogant to accept that the non politicised masses are not taken in by their politically correct rhetoric. People see through the hypocrisy and double standards. And what thy see is pathetic middle class emotional cripples desperate for attention and yet so afraid of offending anyone their brains are paralyzed and all they can do is chant the latest hate meme, rather like the sheeple in the Two Minutes Hate scene from George Orwell’s 1984.

And the more they do that, the more the voters are driven away from the mainstream parties and their politically correct, pro European Integration, pro Mass Immigration consensus which is the opposite of what the people want. What a wonderful irony it will be when, through their conviction that they have a monololy on goodness and truth, they defeat themselves.

Here’s An Interesting Perspective On Whether UKIP Are Raciist – from an unexpected source:

“The Germans have taken over the EU without a shot being fired. We fought two world wars to stop that happening. We are now effectively answering to the Germans. Jews should not agree with that.

“Jews will suffer if immigration continues at this rate. We will get it in the neck the longer it goes on. People say Jews benefited from immigration but, at the maximum, there were only ever 400,000 Jews here. Now we’re talking about millions of people coming. The Jews did not alter the make-up of the whole country.

“There are a lot of Jews in the provinces who have a different world-view to people in London. I was born in Hull and I think Ukip is a demonstration against the metropolitan elite and the Westminster village. I feel disenfranchised.”

Extracted from The Jewish Chronicle.

Well clearly the mouthpiece of Britain’s Jewish Community feels its the mainstream of politics that are racists. :))

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