So Have Those Idiots Screaming UKIP Are Racist achieved anything.

racist racist

The answer to that question is yes, they have actually boosted UKIP support.

We’ve had them here of course, those silly, emotionally needy sheeple who only ever do anything in order to be seen doing it.

“You can’t – baa – vote for – baa – UKIP, they’re – baa – racists” they bleat, explaing that a UKIP member once said something a bit uncomplimentary about Romanian gangster who profit from trafficking in sex slaves.

Yes, the double standards any hypocrisy of lefties surfaces again, if you or I, male readers, were to visit a massage parlour employing such unfortunate women, we would be described as totally evil creatures, Beelzebub, Azazel and Baphomet rolled into one. But if we say, “Do we really want to welcome to our country people who have criminal records in their own nation people who have records in buying young girls, abusing them in terrible ways to make them submissive and then trafficking them to the wealthier north European nations to work as prostitutes? and we are racist.

It’s OK apparently for Romanian fathers to sell daughters to the gangsters (as in the case of a girl rescued from a british brothel last year) where she was then repeatedly gang raped before being shipped first to Germany and then the UK for prostitution, because we must celebrate diversity and promote multi culturalism.

The self righteousness of these politically correct hand wringers is truly gob smacking. Even more gobsmacking however is their selfishness, because while they believe their actions will be perceived as showing them to be caring, compassionate, touchy – feely (to people traffickers?) type, what they are doing in truth is saying look at me and see what a good person I am.

Well I’m pleased to report that according to final polls, the nasty, dishonest smear campaign of these selfish, self righteous people has backfired. UK Polling report today published this:

Survation have put our their final European election poll, conducted for the Daily Mirror. Topline figures are CON 23%, LAB 27%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 32%, GRN 4%. Survation made an additional tweak to their approach to turnout for their final poll, downweighting people who could not correctly identify which day of the week the European election was on – this marginally increased UKIP support and reduced Labour support.

Polls are not results of course and the final outcome could be significantly different, but well done lefties, you arrogant, ignorant, patronising, condescending, bourgeois snobs*, your bleating has actually helped the anti EU campaign. Well done and thanks.

*Much more eloquent than simply screaming “racists”. Lefties get so angry because someone who disagrees with them is more educated than they are.

Meanwhile I wonder how many of those screaming “Racist” at UKIP suporters will be voting for the Paedophiles Party

Cold case detectives are probing the murder of a council official who vowed to expose a paedophile ring allegedly linked to a future minister in Tony Blair’s government.

The daughter of Bulic Forsythe believes her father may have been killed because he uncovered a children’s home vice ring involving powerful figures.

Bulic told a new witness, tracked down in a Mirror investigation, that he suspected vulnerable youngsters were being assaulted by an organised gang at one home said to have been visited by the Labour politician.

But days later Bulic, 42, was beaten to death in his flat and the case has remained unsolved for 21 years.

Read more in The Mirror

More on Labour, the paedophiles party at Labour 25


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