Outbreak Of Democracy Could Prove Undemocratic

ed miliband looks weird sounds weird is weird
Ed Miliband – looks weird, sounds weird, is weird according to a senior labour MP (picture source)

Fallout from the European parliament elections continues to dominate the news and I don’t see why Boggart Blog should miss out on traffic by abandoning a topic that lots of people are searching on.

Good news for UKIP today is that the traitor and war criminal, Tony Blair, fresh from campaigning for western military intervention in Syria, Ukraine and Nigeria has announced that the anti EU party are nasty and unpleasant. What more proof to you need that UKIP are in truth, nice and convivial. (Hey Blair, you bloodthirsty shit, I just libelled you again – still waiting to hear from your lawyers about all the previous times)

One of the big themes of commentators around Europe is the rise of anti EU and anti – integration parties is good for democracy. It ought to be, but in Britain the rise of UKIP as a party opposed to the anti – democratic consensus politics of the political mainstream could turn out to be damaging to democracy.

Nobody could reasonably expect UKIP to form a government after next years general election. Short of Cameron, Clegg, Miliband and their front bench teams being videoed having a circle fuck in The House Of Commons Gym and the results ending up on YouTube its hard to think of anything that could cause a Lib Dem style total meltdown in Labour and Conervative support.

What could turn out to be an ironic unintended consequence of the European election earthquake is that Ed Miliband could become Prime Minister next year on a platform most of the British people and certainly most English voters loathe and destest.

The parties of the broad right, the Tories and Ukip, polled more than 51 per cent of votes cast in the European election. Miliband’s Labour Party mustered the support of a quarter of those who could be arsed voting.

As UKIP to date have taken more votes from Conservatives than Labour, electoral arithmetic shows that if the same UKIP – Conservative split is repeated in the general election, Labour could form a government next May.

This would be a travesty of what democracy is supposed to be about.’

Time for us pro democracy, anti – authoritarian-rule-from-Brussels bloggers to start campaigning for tactical voting. Unless Ed Miliband, a man I have perhaps unfairly suspected of being too decent and honest to be an effective party leader and Prime Minister, can take on and rout the dark forces of global Naziism at work in his own party and return The People’s Party to being the part of ordinary people rather than the party of people who are billionaire bankers, wealthy lawyers or cossetted academics.

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