Why You Will Soon Be Sorry You didn’t Vote UKIP

The EU is anti democracy, the unelected bureaucrats of the EU Commission (the guys who really run things) regard the European parliament as irrelevant. And yet the members of the pro integration Social Democrat – Christian Democrat alliance that has a safe majority believes it has the right to select the next President of the EU Commission.

Here’s a brief note on the three leading candidates:

from The Daily Stirrer, How Can Mainstream Politics Respond To The Anti EU Surge Across Europe?:

… the next president of the EU executive branch, the European Commission, will be appointed soon after the elections. In the EU administrative structure, the commission is largely in charge of what goes on. Bizarrely, because of the Lisbon Treaty, that fine example of EU democracy which was a rehashed version of the European Constitution vetoed by voters in France, The Netherlands and Ireland, but which the EU bureaucracy went ahead and adopted anyway (sic), no one knows who ultimately decides who becomes the president, although the EP claims that it, somehow, has the democratic right to determine the appointment.

The three leading candidates the EP has proposed make current president, the Stalinist billionaire José Manuel Barroso who has said that for the Europe project to succeeed individual nations must cease to exist and that the European Parliament is irrelevant and if the MEPs do not approve a recommendation, the bureaucrats “just go ahead and do it anyway”.

Against the candidates to replace him however, Barosso looks like a raving Eurosceptic: for the socialists there is Martin Schulz, who thinks it’s “possible and necessary” to have a United States of Europe; the liberals offer Belgian Guy Verhofstadt, who has likened Cameron to a “mad man threatening to blow himself up”; and, for the EPP, the uninspiring Jean-Claude Juncker, for 18 years the prime minister of Luxembourg, infamous for saying important EU decisions should be taken “in dark secret rooms”.”

“When it becomes serious, you have to lie,” Junker once offered as an excuse when a European Commission answer to a query by a political leader in one of the member states was expose as a fabrication.

So the fresh faces of European democracy are all 55-plus men owing their careers to the dated notion of “ever closer union” that led to the big gap between voters and Brussels in the first place. Even in Germany, only 17 per cent of voters can identify their compatriot Martin Schulz as a lead candidate, according to a recent poll.

Feeling outraged at the contempt these smooth faced pen pusher and bean counters have for us? Or maybe your dream of a utopian future fearures a the military boot stamping down on a human face forever, that George Orwell foretold. Here’s what the BBC Europe correspondent Chis Morris reported today:

Parliamentary leaders are waiting to see whether their cunning plan to nominate the next president of the European Commission will actually bear fruit.

The centre-left Socialist group has, somewhat reluctantly, backed the bragging rights of the candidate from the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), Jean-Claude Juncker.

“The EPP – despite substantial losses – remains the largest group in the European Parliament,” said Johannes Swoboda, the head of the Socialist group in the outgoing parliament.

“Its candidate for commission president therefore has the clear right to start negotiations to seek a majority in the European Parliament.”

When I asked Mr Juncker last week if he could direct me to the clause in the Lisbon treaty that gives him the “clear right” to be nominated, he looked at me with barely concealed distaste.

“You see it from your perspective,” he said, “and I see it from mine. It’s about democracy.”

Let’s (briefly) be clear. The Lisbon Treaty says EU leaders must take the results of the European elections into account when they decide whom to nominate.

The parliament gets to vote on the nomination, but it has also interpreted the treaty language to mean whichever parliamentary group wins the elections should automatically win the nomination as well.

Continue reading on BBC News

OK, that’s a little peep at how things get done in Europe, bitter and acrimonious infighting kept out of public view and secret deals made by sleazy political operators behind closed doors.

That is why you should have voted UKIP, that is why we should get out and that is why those left wing Nazis, particularly the self congratulating idiots who are too politically illiterate to understand what they are supporting is fascism, should be marginalised and subjected to ridicule at every opportunity.

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