Oh Dear, What Will We Do With Those Huge Superhospitals Now

The headline read “Small hospitals are the future,” says Minister. And just after us poor taxpayers had finished shelling out for all those huge, centralised, impersonal, targets, budgets and statistics obsessed super – hospitals orderd by the billionair buddy politicians of New Labour.

Yes, we are talking about those white elephants funded by PFI schemes and private public partnerships, wonderful creative accounting techniques in which we the punters gave private developer the money to built new hospitals which we the punters then leased back for the aforementioned private developers and paid private hospital operating companies handsomely to provide facility management services for said hospitals. (facilities in this case being doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, radiographers, porters, cleaners, accountants (lots of accountants), administrators, more accountants, and so on.

PFI schemes were a wonderful scam by which private, for profit companies were able to be paid three times for doing one thing not very well.

OK, so it’s all changes now, the scheme was a triumph of ineptitude over common sense the government has decided. Well yes, it was, any businessman or competent private sector manager with half a brain could have told them that at the outset. And many of us did, loudly and often.

From BBC News:

Small hospitals are a fundamental part of the NHS vision for the future, Norman Lamb, the health minister has said.

Mr Lamb said he was passionate about the need to reinvent local hospitals, to better serve local people, and wanted to see a “grass roots” revolution in care of the elderly.

Speaking after Simon Stevens, the new head of the NHS, pledged a radical shift in policies to improve community services, and an end to “mass centralisation,” the minister welcomed the new direction.

In a marked reversal of current policy, Mr Stevens said on Friday that the NHS must expand its local services because too many elderly patients are being robbed of “dignity and compassion”.

He said that rather than issue any central blueprint, central NHS authorities would suggest new models of care – such as groups of hospital specialists and GPs working together, or hospitals taking over community services – but introduce far more flexibility, so local services could meet the needs of different populations. More on this story

Private finance Initiatives were never about providing a better service to the public of course, as with every policy advanced by the billionaire friendly, more elitist than The Queen, more right wing that Genghis Kahn, Labour Party, it was about shovelling money into the pockets of the super – rich.

As usual with British politics we find that if we keep moving ahead in a straight line re return to where we started from.

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