Climate change scientists fret that doomsday scare stories aren’t working on the public

global warming scare
Source: blogspot commons

Scientists are worried that we the punters are not being scared enough by their fairy stories about how we are all going to fry unless we give up our heated homes, cars, foreign holidays, fridges, cookers and televisions so that the elite can have much more of everything because they deserve it for being so wonderful.

Well we always knew, even as children, that fairy stories were not true(Prof Dawkins please note).

Aw poor mites, they are discovering that in the real world nobody gives a shit. Not about politicians, scientists, demagogues, soothsayers, economists, preachers and all the rest. The attitude is, “We’ll either wake up in the morning, the world will still be here and life will go on as normal or … we will not have anything to worry about any more. End of story.

Like those lurid stories in The Daily Mail that lefties get their knickers in a twist about, its only the people who hate The Daily Mail that take them seriously. To everyone else it’s just entertainment.

In a report in Natural News we learn that like the lefties who went into shock when UKIP topped the poll in elections for the European Parliament, unable to believe that a) the majority of people do not agree with their politically correct groupthink and b) working class people and those who do not have Desmonds* in drinking, dossing around and eventually toeing the line from the University of Usedtobeapoly can actually think for themselves (unlike the people who do have Desmonds from said University apparently)

Climate-change scientists are facing a conundrum of sorts, and they’re not really sure what to do about it.

‘On the one hand, when negative stories surface discounting claims that the earth is “warming” or that climate is “changing” the planet (for the worse), they have only a passing effect — good news for them.

On the other hand, however, stories promoting the theory of climate change don’t move public opinion either, researchers from Princeton University have said in a new study. They write that this dynamic suggests that climate change scientists need to take a new look at how to be more effective in regularly engaging the public.’

Well guys, you could stop being such a bunch of pompous, supercilious, condescending arseholes for a start. We the punters got our education in the University of Life and we recognize bullshit when we smell it.

*Desmond: a 2.2, a second class degree, after Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

UPDATE – 7 September, 2014

Thanks To Global Warming Policy It’s Going To Be a Long Cold Winter For Many
Those of us who were intelligent enough to point out the scientific fallacies behind the global warming scare and the idiotic failure of logic on the part of politicians far too ready to believe the scaremongers and pursue a policy that made developed nations in northern Europe reliant on an unpredictable and uncontrollable energy source like wind for energy are vindicated as Europe braces itself for power shortages this winter due to coal and oil fired power stations being closed to ‘reduce CO2 emissions’.Thanks To Global Warming Policy It’s Going To Be a Long Cold Winter For Many

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Climate change is a theory for which there is “no scientific proof at all” says the co-founder of Greenpeace
What if man-made climate change is all in the mind?
Warmageddonist Intolerance Increases As The ‘Science’ Their Case Was built On Collapses


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