ISIS advance on Baghdad, Russian Pipline Blows in Ukraine. Is The It?

First thing I saw this morning after logging on, the story trending on search engines, was speculation about whether The Duchess Of Kate might be pregnant again (Answer: No, on his way home in the company helicopter last night, Prince Willie stopped at Harry Ramsden’s and picked up a chippy tea, the Duchess was just a bit bloated, that’s all – once she’s had a good fart the story will be forgotten)

I intended to lead the blog on that today, well it is silly season after all. but as the day wore on, the news got worse.

ISIS Islamic militants are still advancing on Baghdad though the arrival of Republican guards from Iran seems to have slowed them. As western leaders pontificate it is amusing to reflect that the mad bastards now intent on genocidal war in Iraq are the people who only a few months ago Obama, Cameron and Hollande were hailing as friends of liberal democracy.

And then I read a story about a Russian owned gas pipeline (or some early reports said a refinery) in eastern Ukraine exploding. Media were speculating that the pipeline explosion could trigger a full scale war in Ukraine.

Well folks if all that’s left in the morning is a few broken and bloodies survivors crawling through the rubble begging for water, it’s been nice knowing you all :))

Iraq bloodshed IS linked to 2003 invasion, says ex-Foreign Secretary Jack Straw as critics round on ‘unhinged’ Tony Blair

US General Breedlove admits: NATO did foment war in Ukraine

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