LAME (Lenny’s Another Moronic Eejit)

ysterday I reported on a nasty racist, elitist bitch, Yasmin Alibhai – Brown who has been publicly recommending the extinction of the white race. Not that I would deny the sour face harridan to hold and express that opinion, we libertarians are great believer in free speech, unlike nasty leftioes like the aforementioned Yazza, who is quite convince the is so much a better person than you or I that he opinion should suffice for us all.
Well I disagree with the lady’s anti white stance because she is

a) no blacker than I am
b) she’s ugly and therefore should shut the fuck up.

But what I was commenting on yesterdays was not her racism but the lack of outcry from our self righteous chums on the left. Ther’re usually so hot on racism, especiall when a UKIP supporters makes some non racist comment such as disagreeing with the truly ridiculous notion that mass immigration is good for the economy. Is it OK then for someone who self identifies as black to be a racist. Oooooooh! I smell another left wing double standard.

Yaszza Alibhai – Brown is not the only racist luvvie on the left of the political spectrum however.

Another left wing racist is former comedian Lenny Henry. Having been about as funny as syphilis for the past twenty five years, Lenny has criticised the BBC’s plans to increase on-screen diversity (i.e. lots of perfectly reasonable white people replaced by people of no discerable talent employed on the basisd of their skin colour) by 5% in the next three years.

Lenny wants to ring-fence money to make BAME (the latest gimmicky acronym for ethnic minorities, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) programmes. In London, he says, BAMEs make up around 40% of the population. Poor Lenny, not only is he not funny, he’s not very bright either and cannot understand that London is not the UK. And in the rest of the UK, it is significantly less. Indeed, in Midsomer, they don’t exist at all….

Here on planet reality ethnic minorities make up about 8% of the population. As we see a fair few black and Asian people on-screen, they are pretty well represented if not actually over represented. In the last ten years we have had a black Friar Tuck, a black Queen Guinevere and a contingent of BAMEs in full armour fighting at Agincourt,

Political correctness has already flushed far to much quality down the pan on television, if we want to talk seriously about a more equal society black actors should be hired when they are the best avaiable for the job are up to the job – then hire them. If a white actor is more suited, hire them instead. Selection should be based solely on suitability, anything else is unfair. To select on anything other than ability for the sake of keeping useless tools like Lenny Henry happy is discrimination. To select on the basis of skin colour is racialism. This, then, makes Lenny Henry a racist. And LAME. and a custard

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