At Last: Political Leaders Are Getting The Message About Blair

You’ve got to love this headline:

Serbian Prime Minster Refuses To Hire ‘English Gay Fart Tony Blair’

Several news gathering services are reporting today that Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Meerkat Vucic has refused to hire Tony Blair as his advisor on the country’s accession to the EU on the grounds he’s too expensive. Instead the prince of darkness Peter Mandelson has got the gig. It the press release Vucic failed to mention that he previously edited a book entitled “English Gay Fart Tony Blair”.

Earlier this month Vucic met Blair in Belgrade to discuss engaging him as his personal advisor. It has now emerged the discussion were related to Serbia’s ambition to gain membership of the European Union so they can get their hands on some of Germany’s money and send their rapists, thugs, pimp, ponces and people traffickers to Britain. Slovenia is the only former Yougoslavian Republic to have gained EU membership so far.

But Mr Vucic has not always been such a big fan of Blair. As Yugoslavia began to breakup Blair persuaded the international community to pursue a very hard-line with Belgrade. This ultimately led to the West invading both Bosnia and Kosovo, allowing both to secede from Yugoslavia, effectively ending its existence.

The book’s title, Vucic’s press officer claims, was not intended to cast aspersions on Mr Blair’s sexuality but instead to suggests that he is comparable to flatulence. The writers are thought to have believed that being compared to a gay person’s flatulence would be more offensive.

Yeah right. So they were not referring to that hushed up conviction for cottaging then. The linked page does not provide a date, I can tell you Blair was convicted in 1983 but my source, though 100% reliable is not available online.

Austerity and Globalism Driving Civil Unrest

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