Pandemonium: UKIP Taken Over By Fiends From Hell?

goat of mendesThe Goat Of Mendes – UKIP Candidate for Pendle

UKIP are at risk of being engulfed in another “ism” scandal as Jake Baynes, prospective parliamentary candidate for Wells has resigned his candiacy and party offices, claiming the constituency party has been taken over by “Occultists” (report in The Daily Mail). Jake Baynes had intended to run in next year’s general election but has now decided to stand down as a UKIP candidate, according to the Daily Mail.

Baynes, a teacher, claims that UKIPpers Glen and Colleen Tucker have mounted a “continuous campaign” against him, and that they are “oddballs” who worship ‘the occult’. Supporters of Baynes claim the Tuckers run an “angelic healing group” in the Somerset town of Glastonbury.

Angels? Aren’t they … you know … Christian. White feathers and comforting the soon to be dead and such. No horned beasts or cloven hoofed, sulphur farting monsters to be seen?

The Tuckers obviously agree with my view and have defended themselves by saying that they are not the kind of “fruitcakes and loonies” that Daily Mail readers associate with UKIP. They also say Baynes is not up to the job of candidate and may have a point, he seems a bit Bible Beltish to me and so is on the wrong continent. A bit of dancing naked round a bonfire and carefee copulation as an act of worship may be just what the punters of Wells need to attract them to the party. Mr & Mrs Tucker also deny deliberately stirring up trouble.

According to their website, Glen and Colleen Tucker, practice “alternative healing” and work “hand in hand with the Angelic Realms…and Galactic Beings” (David Icke?). One of Mr Baynes’ supporters described them as belonging to “the Glastonbury occult crowd.”

Graham Livings, who has also resigned from his office in the UKIP constituency party, said of the Tuckers: “They put on these weekend retreats where they guarantee the angels will be present. They are oddballs. The public can be very wary of that sort of thing. UKIP has a prescribed list which states that no one who has been a member of the BNP or the English Defence League should be a member.”

OK but … BNP and EDF are not affiliated to the Aleister Crowley fan club to my certain knowledge. And I still think nocturnal naked dancing and carefree copulation are more likely to win votes than stuffy suburban respectability.

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