Nick Clegg Promises Us Anything We Want If Lib Dems Win The Election

According to The Currant Bun today,

“Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has said his party will abolish jail sentences for drug possession if he wins the next election. The Liberal Democrats proposal would lead to prison sentences abolished in England and Wales even for possession of Class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine.”

Can’t fault the lad for trying. But let’s be realistic, the Liberal Democrat could promise each and every one of us everything we have always desired, a million pound, a Ferrari, a villa in Majorca, Charity from Emmerdale dressed in Agent Provocateur lingerie, a gold plated iPad, a box of chocolates and a long stemmed rose, a perpetual motion engine, a round tuit, everlasting youth and undiminished virility, anything – so long as it carries the proviso “if we win next year’s election.”

Because after five years of observing Mr. Clegg’s idea of keeping his election promises, nobody is going to fall for it.

Just as an aside, UKIP won a local council by election in Worthing last night. This is hardly significant but coming alongside a sudden eagernes among the main party leaders to be seen taking a tougher line on immigration, it is quite amusing.

As John Harris, one of the Guardian’s less fanatical writers commented today, “attempts by Labour to tackle UKIP head-on by trying to appear tough on immigration could backfire as “there are few spectacles less convincing than lefty-liberals affecting to get tough” on this and that, while actually dying inside.”

And just to remind you what a leftie trying to appear tough while dying inside looks like here’s a reminder of Ed Miliband’s attempt to get tough on a bacon sarnie.

ed and bacon

3 thoughts on “Nick Clegg Promises Us Anything We Want If Lib Dems Win The Election

  1. One thing you can’t hide – as the good Johnny Lennon used to croon – is when you’re crippled inside ( as per the above pic. Poor bastard LOL )
    And yes, the boy Clegg is quite the amusingly pathetic spectacle to behold – and all the desperately more so the closer the GE gets most likely, tee tee.
    Nice to have a reliable comedy act to look forwards to over the next year heh.


    • Nick is always good for a laugh these days, poor lad does not know if he’s a Tory or Labour fellow traveller. One thin for sure, he’s not a Liberal.

      I did read someone the other day speculating that if Scotland votes “Yes” Cammers could extend parliament by two years while the constitutional changes are sorted out. So we could have the coalition for a bit longer than anticipated.

      Have you noticed how Cameron and Godeon have taken to telling the Scots “We want you to vote no,” over the past few weeks.

      Could it be they have a cunning plan?


      • Quite possibly, seeing as they’re plainly a couple of cunning stunts!
        And mark my words the wretched Clegg’ll be sat farting through ermine in the red house of irrelevance and political impotency pretending to be important before we know it… oh hang on, not much will have changed then, lol.


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