As Obama Launches Another Iraq Assault. Who Are ISIS

I have been consistently against western (FUKUS axis) interventions in domestic politics of middle eastern states. There comes a time however when intervention is necessary. Thus we must accept the necessity of the USA’s latest military adventure, the reconvening of the war in Iraq.

So why, having so strongly opposed calls for the west to go to war, in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine etc. and further back opposed interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, have I had a change of heart at this stage?

There was no doubt in this case that the ISIS (now renamed Islamic State Caliphate) were set on a course that could only result in the extermination of the peaceful and reclusive Yazidi, a sect regarded in the west as Musli in a similar way to the Sufi, but seen by the extremists of the Islamic State as heretics and thus more of an ‘abomination’ than Christians, Jews, Infidels, homosexuals, eating shellfish or wearing cotton guzzies with a woollen sweater.

isis hold peace talks with hereticsISIS negotiators in Iraq hold peace talks with Heretics

Biggest news of the week was Obama’s announcement he would become the fourth US president in a row to order military action in Iraq, explicitly targeting the ISIS jihadists, the far bigger question are the developments that spurred the administration to finally act. Anyone would think “Must hate Iraq” is in the job description.

The New York Times reported that “as the tension mounted in Washington” the catalyst for Obama’s decision was sudden developments surrounding the Kurdistan capital, Erbil. “Kurdish forces who had been fighting the militants in three nearby Christian villages abruptly fell back toward the gates of the city, fanning fears that the city might soon fall. By Thursday morning, people were thronging the airport, desperate for flights out of town. “The situation near Erbil was becoming more dire than anyone expected,” a senior administration official told reporters, speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe the White House’s internal deliberations. “We didn’t want another Benghazi.”

The reason for this is that the US has an embassy in Erbil: that falling to ISIS would be the supreme punch in the gut for an administration whose foreign policy has become the butt of HIGNFY and Daily Show jokes.

In other words, Obama merely took to arms after the threat of another massive foreign humiliation became all too real and when the reality that the Kurdish defense was about to fall. Of course, the actual stated reason for intervention was different, a far more noble one. From a White House press release:

At a 90-minute meeting in the Situation Room on Thursday morning, Mr. Obama was briefed again about the plight of the Iraqis stranded on Mount Sinjar. Members of an ancient religious sect known as Yazidi, they were branded as devil worshipers by the militants. The women were to be enslaved; the men were to be slaughtered.

Officials told Mr. Obama there was a real danger of genocide, under the legal definition of the term. “While we have faced difficult humanitarian challenges, this was in a different category,” said an official. “That kind of shakes you up, gets your attention.”

At 11:20 a.m., Mr. Obama left the meeting to travel to Fort Belvoir, Va., where he signed a bill expanding health care for veterans. He had all but made up his mind to authorize airstrikes, officials said, and while he was away, his team drafted specific military options.

When the president returned to the White House barely an hour later, he went back into meetings with his staff. By then, there were news reports of airdrops and possible strikes. But the White House “hunkered down,” an official said, refusing to comment on the reports for fear of endangering a nighttime airdrop over Mount Sinjar.

Mr. Obama did not announce the operations until dawn had broken in Iraq, a delay of several hours that added to the panic in Erbil. Reports of explosions near the city at dusk on Thursday night sowed confusion after Kurdish officials said the United States had begun airstrikes on the militants. The Pentagon flatly denied the reports.

The saddest irony of all this is The Islamic State Caliphate, the rebellion formerly known as ISIS were born out of the ragtag army of rebels, dissidents, mercenaries and fanatics but together by foreign agents, funded with Saudi and Qatari money and armed with American weapons to bring about the overthrow of bashar Al Assad in Syria.

If that intervention, the regime change campaigns in Libya and Egypt the drone strikes on Pakistan’s tribal areas, the Iraq war to remove Saddam, the Afghan invasion and a few other foreign policy fuck ups had not taken place because the west had elected non – interventionist leaders instead of warmongering corporate lackeys, we would not have to be bombing Iraq again.

Places like Iraq, Libya, Syria and the rest are not suited to western style liberal democracy and no amount of hand wringing, bleeding heart, wailing and gnashing of teeth will change that.

To preempt any intervention by our resident left wing intellectual idiot who likes to tell me that I cannot possibly suggest life under a tyrant like Saddam, Gadaffi or Assad represented any kind of order, I’ll tell the moron right now to fuck the fucking fuck off and don’t even think about commenting until he has sworn statements from members of the Yazidi telling of how slaughter at the hands of ISIS is utopia compared to stable and peaceful if not quite free life under Saddam.

All things are relative, and living with the censorship, lack of democracy and oppression of a tryant probably seems like heaven compared to living with the constant fear of a bullet in the back, a machete through the skull or a visit from the human organ noshers. If you know what I mean.


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