Things in the news have been a bit heavy for a few days, ISIS and the Yazidi in Iraq, worsening tensions in Ukraine (how can they still be getting worse), HAMAS and the Israelis going at it in Gaza, Ebloa going viral in west African and even on the celebrity blogs we have the sad news of Robin Williams premature demise. He leave us a catalogue of great films but a true comic genius can never be replaced.

And then there’s all the rest of it. The economy isn’t improving because the recovery is just statistical trickery, in spite of the warmageddonists cries that three hot days showed they were right and we are all going to fry, summer seems to have come to an early end, we’re still in the EU and the Liberal Democrats have not disbanded yet.

Still, who has time to be serious? Watch this.

3 thoughts on “ARSE!

  1. Blimey, Ian… read of your happy-go-lucky blog and I’m reaching for the poison / gun / rope / all three.
    But you’re right of course. As I would probably have remarked back in my late teens….”Jeez man, there’s a lotta bad shit goin’ down”


      • Yeah, I have a healthy respect for the WW2 generation and the way they made light of pretty desperate situations.
        A true story, apparently….A spitfire pilot was bounced by an ME109. The pilot was badly injured with bullet wounds and burns. He managed to bail out and survived….just.
        The next day his wife visited him in hospital. “What HAVE you done to yourself?” she asked.
        He shrugged and replied “Got into a bit of an argument with a German”


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