Secrets And Oil In Scottish Referendum Cover Up

massive oil find
Massive oil find off Scottish coast hushed-up until after independence referendum? (source)

Stumbled across this in a site titled Oil and Gas People dot com my peregrinations but the story seems to have cone viral around the Scottish diaspora since (not because) I mentioned it in Little Nicky Machiavelli. The Yes campaign, supporting a vote for full independence have latched onto it and are playing it for all it’s worth.(hence picture from Yes (Highlands) web site. Could the story be a game changer I wonder?

Speculation has been growing in the Oil Industry, the political circus and public bar debating chambers that there was more to the Prime Ministers recent secret visit to Shetland than has been released.

The Facebook page of YES Highlands and Islands has released an article that unfortunately we cannot link to but which was shared by thousands and entered the blogosphere through cut and paste. It reported:

David Cameron came to visit Shetland under the tightest secrecy ever seen in Shetland last week and the national press knew nothing about it. Nor the local press.

Mr Cameron came to Shetland to say absolutely nothing about anything and allowed the local media 6 minutes of questions – Which he did not answer.

Why the PM made a very rushed, and hugely expensive trip to the Shetland Oils, missing his cabinet meeting, and just making it back to Glasgow for the Games? The speculation in the industry is that there has been a huge oil find and this is not to be made public until after the Scottish independence vote next month.

Is there any substance in this rumour? We don’t actually know, but like Flight MH17 false flag story, the Syria gas attack story, the revelations that the US / EU sponsored rebellion in Syria would spill over into a wider conflict, the prediction that Ukraine’s coup d’etat would turn out to be another CIA regime change scandal and so much much more, the blogosphere has a mightily impressive record on getting things right, while tile aft er time the official propaganda so eagerly passed on by tax eaters and sucked up by authority worshippers has turned out to be a great big steaming pile of bullshit.

Is there more detail on this? Not yet, if there was it wouldn’t be secret. I did manage to find this however:

Sorry, its a bad screen capture Twitter did not like my software’s ‘capture region’ feature

Here’s a link to that Twitter account

And a good place to start your own research

Huge North Sea oil find enough to produce for over thirty five years. Media silence
The Duchess Of Kate Baby Referendum Scam Exposed

2 thoughts on “Secrets And Oil In Scottish Referendum Cover Up

  1. I have been trying to figure out why Alex Salmon has not made much more of this massive oil find and Cameron’s visit to Shetland.

    Could it be that his real reason for the visit was to offer Shetland independence if they will share the oil with England ?

    Any one in Shetland care to comment ?


    • I’ve only ever been to Shetland once so I can’t really comment but as blog owner may I say that’s an excellent point. I mean, Faroe does alright out of sharing with Norway doesn’t it?


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