Game And Set To Putin – Sanctions Hit EU Economies

Do you remember how the lefties cheered just a short while ago when in retaliation for Russia not obliging the warmongers of the military / industrial complex by starting World War Three in response to numerous provocations.

They praised Obamas’s statesmanship when he threatened to crush the Russian economy and then cancelled the bus passes of superannuated Russian gangsters living in Florida. They went wild when Cameron and Osborne froze the bank accounts of Russian oligarchs domiciled in London, having first warned they would do this if Putin did not do as he was told. That of course gave the oligarchs plenty of time to move their money before the sanctions bit.

They creamed their pants when the EU joined in by saying if Russia did not comply with instruction on Ukraine, the EU commissioners would be very annoyed.

And they rilled on the floor laughing when The Kremlin said OK, you want to play with the big boys, here’s some real economic warfare.

And now we learn this:

eu farmers hit by russian food embargo
EU farmers say the Russian embargo on food trade is hitting them hard

(via Russia Today)
Austria is warning of catastrophic falling prices, and the Netherlands is saying losses could be triple initial estimates. A third of Lithuanian milk producers say they are facing problems.

The wholesale price of a kilogram of fruit or vegetables could halve due to excess supply, the Austrian newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten cites Rupert Gsols, a federal coordinator of the Austrian Union of Market Gardeners.

There is a bumper crop of European apples in 2014; around 12 million tons against the normal 10-11 million tons. About 370,000 tons are harvested in Poland.

The economic damage to the Netherlands from the Russian boycott could be triple the original estimate and reach €1.5 billion, Dutch News cites Hans de Boer, the chief of VNO-NCW Dutch employers’ organization.

“That calculation did not take into account the Dutch dealers who operate from Eastern Europe,” de Boer said.

In Lithuania, Russian countermeasures to Western sanctions are hitting milk producers the hardest, as about a third of firms face problems in finding alternative markets, RIA cites Jurate Dovydeniene, the head of the Lithuanian Association of Agricultural Cooperatives.

Pieno Zvaigzdes, one of Lithuania’s five largest milk processing plants, suspended buying milk from farmers in the middle of month.

Even those who didn’t supply the products to Russia will suffer, Andriejus Stancikas the head of the Agricultural Chamber of Lithuania said.

“The situation became too dangerous especially for the agricultural sector, as the blockade is imposed not only on Lithuania, but to all the European Union. It would be difficult to reorient the deliveries to the West, these markets will be filled with their own production,” Stanchikas explained.

Now it’s almost inevitable that some stupid little tit will come along and tell you nothing that’s published by Rusia Today can be believed. Ignore them, sucvh people are pathetic lefties who cannot tolerate anyone disagreeing with them, but aren’t bright enough to get anything right. I don’t speak German but do speak some Swedish and with that plus help from Google translate I can tell you the article is reasonable translation of the new story from the Austrian newspaper.

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9 thoughts on “Game And Set To Putin – Sanctions Hit EU Economies

  1. Don’t know about game n’ set to Putin but he’s obviously a shrewder political chess player than US/EU/Kiev put together.
    Stalemate would count as a victory for Russia because the US were the initial agitators in Ukraine..and who knows checkmate may even be on the cards before long.
    Just a shame thousands of Ukrainians are having to flee their homes and/or die in the process.


    • I haven’t got round to the situation in Ukraine yet, but this morning’s dire news suggests I will be looking at it soon.

      Meanwhile I have to think of some sick jokes about the latest celebrity whose national treasure status has gone over a Cliff.


      • Well be careful; I recall the often hilarious Bernard Manning flirting with a defamation law suit in the 90s while appearing on the Mark Lamar show..
        ” I phoned Michael Barrymore the other day. Cliff Richard answered the phone… what’s that all about”?

        A rattled Lamar, probably fearing for his career quickly replied .. ” I DONT KNOW what that’s all about!!” – and changed the subject.


      • I was thinking of jokes involving songs like Bachelor Boy, The Young Ones, his recent CD “Oh Boy”, (the clues are there we just didn’t want to see them)


      • Ah yes that one; doesn’t it kind of go ” Oh boy, I feel such a tight little bum today.. Or something along those lines?
        Of course I could well be mistaken and it could have well have been another song by another artist that I heard and stupidly mistook as being one of the National Treasure’s latest tunes, silly me.


      • When you think about it with hindsight, it ought to have been Cliff and not Rolf who recorded two Little Boys.
        Young Girl was more Rolf’s style although a bit too rock and roll for him perhaps.


      • Quite fun treading the Libel / Satire tightrope heh? Speaking personally, it almost makes life in this rancid and overcrowded “sceptred isle” worth living.


      • I saw a good one in the last hour, alleging that BoJo has been pussyfooting around on the Elm House scandal because he knows the names of about 40 MP including some very senior Tories have come up while the Old Bill were looking into the case.
        We’ll never be sued for this one, too many people have too much to hide.


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