Such Nice People Live On The Left Of The Political Spectrum

Left wing politics, once the politics of freedom, individualism and self – determination has increasingly over the past few decades become the politics of hate, envy, bitterness, hypocrisy and authoritarianism. Left wing politics has now developed a level of intolerance for those who challenge its idiotic assumptions or moral superiority, it appears to be charging headlong towards fascism.

Here’s the latest example:

from Breitbart London.

Independent’ Student Paper Tells UKIP MEP to ‘F**k His Mother’

the offending tweet to ukip's paul nuttall

Britain’s UK Independence Party (UKIP) has received abusive responses to a press release issued today. A student ‘journalist’ working at the self-described “independent national student newspaper” the Student Times, which has a circulation of around 150,000 every fortnight encouraged the UKIP official to engage in incest.

Paul Nuttall, who is the deputy leader of UKIP stated in a press release: “Universities are more concerned about making money than ever before, and I am seriously concerned that by relaxing their entry requirements many students that would never have normally been offered a place will find it too difficult and there’ll be a lot dropping out over the next 12 months.”

Instead of taking interest, as a responsible newspaper editor would, UKIP received the following reply from the e-mail address:

“You can tell Paul Nuttall to go and fuck his mother.”

One UKIP staffer replied, “Charmed”, to which another reply came:

“It must be really lonely working in Europe working for a bunch of fascist wankers. Now take us off your mailing list prick”.

Speaking to Breitbart London, Nuttall said of the incident: “I was astonished that the correspondent asked me to indulge in something not only unpalatable but also illegal.

“I can’t believe a reputable student magazine is apparently run by foul mouthed privileged left wing students who think that is an appropriate way to respond to a press release they do not agree with.

“It speaks volumes about the state of education in this country and his or her grasp of the Queen’s English. I can only hope that when the anonymous correspondent from the Student Times grows up, gets a job and has responsibilities they will look back and be thoroughly embarrassed by what they have done.”

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Still wondering why the Labour party is full of infantile, idiotic sheeple who bleat about equal rights for paedophiles, want to invite foreign murderers, rapists, people traffickers, pimps, muggers and extortionists as well as terrorists to come to Britain and carry on their odious careers safe in the knowledge that ‘yooman rights’ law will protect them from justice? Don’t…..The morons who produce the kind of hate filled, extremist shit in this student rag will be the next generation of Labour MPs.

So let’s sum up: Things you are voting against if you vote Labour:

Democracy, free speech, good manners, tolerance, respect, inteligence,

Things you are voting for if you vote Labour:

Equal rights for paedophiles, sharia law, more immigration, higher taxes, hate, more hate, still more hate.

You know what to do.

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