The West not bombing Iraq for humanitarian reasons

tornado bulk grain carrier
RAF Tornado, not an ideal bulk grain carrier (source:

The involvement of Britain’s Royal Air Force in delivering humanitarian aid in Iraq t has triggered speculations that the UK, may join the US in launching targeted air strikes against the Islamic State (ISIS). The RAF Tornados deployed Tornado are two seat fighter planes capable of low level supersonic flight but not ideal for delivering large payloads of bagged rice or bottled water. They could possibly be useful for dropping medicines however.

Though British military leaders were insistent that the aircraft would only be used in Iraq as part of humanitarian operations, the choice of Tornados, described by military aviation publications as described as “a two-seat, all-weather, day/night attack aircraft” for a humanitarian mission has led to speculation that Britain might quickly be dragged into an escalating regional conflict by a the United States government that shows every sign of being committed to triggering global war.

It would be more logical to assume that David Cameron is showing totally unacceptable devotion to his bum-boy buddy Barack Hussein Obama at whose bidding the UK is now being dragged back into the unwinnable struggle to keep the very large oilfields around Irbil (aka Erbil) under western control. Oil from the Ibril fields supplies a significant amount of energy to Europe.

Does that make a little more sense? When you step back and look at the bigger picture, it always comes back to oil.

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