OK Smartarse, So You Don’t Believe Conspiracy Theories? Read This …


As internet users you’ve all come across the kind of smart arse who thinks he has all the answers. The usually describe themselves as scientists or realists and are absolutely sure they are far too clever to be taken in by any of the nonsense that right wing extremist swivel eyed loons are always banging on about.

Shape shifting lizards who control the world, Aliens living amongst us, Fallen angels who evolved into Zionist bankers? People wearing tin foil hats to block the mind control data the government is beaming into your head from GSM masts? It’s all crazy nonsense isn’t it and you know there’s a rational explanation for everything.

Well yes it is crazy nonsense, but no, there is not a rational explanations for everything and no, those things the irrational rationalists like to sneer at are not conspiracy theories.

A conspiracy is simply a group of people working together towards a mutually beneficial goal which they would rather not have become public knowledge. The aliens, fallen angels and tinfoil hats are paranoia, a very different animal.

So if you are one of those fearful, closed minded people who thinks America’s push for war to achieve global hegemony, a corporate move towards global totalitarian government, collaboration between government and media to conceal the real news and Big Pharma trying to make us all patients for life are just nutty conspiracy theories dreamed up by insane people, you’d better not read this sensible and factual article from the very sensible Business Insider magazine.

9 Things Dismissed At The Time As Conspiracy Theories That Were Later Proved True

If you are one of those people who needs to believe the government is your bestest friend and mainstream media would never publish or broadcast anything but the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, the word will have dropped out of your bottom by the time you get to the end.

The science of saturated fat: A big fat surprise about nutrition?
The Global Government Conspiracy

Free trade conspiracy will abolish democracy

Perpetual war: Military – Industrial complex

The bankers Conspiracy and The Missing Quadrillion

Competition is a sin

Corporatism is fascism

The corporate monopoly men

Russian Convoy Sighted Near Ukraine, Trolls Sighted near Boggart Blog

troll Trolls sighted near Boggart Blog

Regular readers may have noticed in recent weeks Boggart Blog posts on the story of Flight MH17, the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 shot down over Ukraine have been trolled by various people Daryan, Jim, Mark and Kees, whose commenting style and the repetitive points they make are so similar one could be forgiven for thinking they are the same person.

‘Kees’ is a real character, visitor comments are on moderation as always and he even throws hissy fits if I don’t approve his comments quickly enough. Which will only nudge me to keep them hanging around or trash them for the sake of winding him up.

The subject of all their comments however is that I have stated the available evidence about what happened and who was responsible for the shooting down of the fully loaded passenger flight points increasingly to its being a false flag outrage carried out by the illegitimate, neo – Fascist regime in Kiev with the appoval of EU and US leaders. You can see my posts, complete with links to sources [ HERE ] [ HERE ] [ HERE ] [ HERE ] and [ HERE ] and also a few other posts tagged with MH17. In the comment threads you will see the troll comments and how they have been dealt with and you may notice the trolls do not offer a single link to evidence supporting their arguments which all seem to rest on, “You can’t believe Russian propaganda.”

Well no we can’t, unless it is corroborated by independent sources. but we are also absolutely sure that given the track record of the US government and the CIA, you can’t believe their propaganda either.

We live in an age of spin and deception, it is all around us and even mainstream media are taken in just as my trolls were by the ‘compelling evidence’ claimed by rent – boy President Obama (there’s no evidence that Obama actually was a rent boy, but the allegation has not been denied). I’m thinking of course of the totally fabricated story reported as fact by The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph last week claiming a Russian humanitarian aid convoy had been destroyed by the Kiev government. The incident was reported by journalists working for those newspapers close to the Russia / Ukraine border. both claimed to have seen ‘with their own eyes’ to borrow a phrase from Iraq’s Gulf War Information minister Comical Ali, the wreckage.

Maybe the western journalists were influenced by claims from the Ukrainian President that his military forces had destroyed a Russian convoy.

Russia however eschewed an opportunity to malign Kiev by quickly correcting the reports saying no convoy had entered Ukraine and none of their vehicles had been damaged. This was confirmed by independent sources.

This is where the ‘Russia is the bad guy’ logic breaks down; for Russia to make such a formally worded statement so quickly after the first reports we have to conclude the Russian Government believed immediately there was no evidence of any attack on a Russian convoy in Ukraine territory, something which obviously would exist if indeed as Ukraine’s president had claimed, the “majority of the machines had been eliminated.” (NY Post)

If true, it also implies that either Ukraine had fabricated the entire story, and certainly the part about the destruction of the convoy and by extension that Russians had ever entered into East Ukraine.

More to the point, the onus is on Ukraine to present some evidence, in fact any evidence, of a destroyed Russian military convoy instead of merely building upon a story conceived by the two UK media outlets, because if Ukraine indeed has no evidence, then its story falls apart and what’s worse, the credibility and reputation of its government, of NATO and certainly of the UK press would be in tatters. But the Ukrainian government offered no evidence just as they offered no evidence to support their fairy story about the downing of Flight MH17 (do you notice a pattern emerging here?). but the reporters from The Guardian and The Telegraph are not idiots, so what did they see?

Well, it seems far fetched but given recent events it is feasible, namely that in their enthusiasm for blowing things up, the Ukrainian Armed Forces may have well destroyed some of their own military vehicles. This Interfax report citing the leadership of the breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic demonstrates the feasibility of such a scenario.

Now an event like that, had it been played out, would be the 2014 equivalent of the Sarajevo Murder, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which triggered World War One. So WTF was going on?

Be interesting to see what our resident trolls make of all this.

4 thoughts on “OK Smartarse, So You Don’t Believe Conspiracy Theories? Read This …

  1. On the brightish side, the more people get to read educational links like these, exposing the ultra brainwash going on in guise of democracy and impartial news reporting, the weaker the grip on power the corporate monopoly big wheels and their tune-dancing little puppet fronts the politicians becomes. And the more our newspapers will realize their sole usefulness – as fish supper wraps.
    ( The Beeb in particular def’ needs re-branding – like to The BBSC )


    • yep, the general public needs to understand it’s not that the alternative news sites are publishing the truth, but that the mainstream news sites are not which is the problem.

      Question everything.


    • No, it’s due to me forgetting one of these ‘>’

      If when you’ve read the article you feel the need for a tinfoil hat, remember you need an earth strap to ground your brain. Otherwise they are pointless. 🙂


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