Rotherham: The Shit Hits The Fan

Abuse victim
Child sex abuse victim (source)

A few months ago I was speaking to an old work colleague who lives in Blackburn and is a Labour Party member. He used to be quite prominent in the party but now takes a less active role as he does not much like the direction the party has taken, believing like many old Labour activists, the hierarchy has lost touch with its core constituency.

We were chatting about this and that when I remarked that the town’s MP Jack Straw would be missed.

My friend, who has known the MP for many years, agreed but said Mr. Straw had decided to go “before the shit hits the fan.”

When I asked for more he reminded me that Straw had tried to raise the issue of paedophile activity in the child care system when in Blair’s cabinet and had been warned off because it was “racially sensitive.”

In the past two years we have had ‘grooming’ scandals in Rochdale, Bradford and Oxford and Jack Straw had, in condemning Labour’s open doors immigation policy had referred specifically to grooming and abuse of under age white girls by Muslim men in the Blackburn constituency so I assumed the phrase ‘before the shit hits the fan’ referred to foreknowledge that there was a lot more to emerge and it will probably not be confined to Labour controlled councils covering up such scandals because of their commitment to multiculturtalism and equality. Throughout government at all levels there is a culture of coverup and whitewash.

Multicuturalism does not mean Muslims are above the law, or are entitled to be judged by Sharia law while in Britain.

An investigation has revealed that at least 1,400 children as young as 11 years of age were subjected to ?appalling? sexual exploitation in England?s town of Rotherham during a 16-year time period. This is a scandal that has been on the back burner for a while because mainstream media gave diverted public attention by obsessing about Jimmy Saviler, Cyril Smith and other celebrities.

According to an independent probe by Professor Alexis Jay, the children were victims of gang rape and other forms of abuse from 1997 to 2013.

There has been some attempt in Rotherham to point the finger at a difficult financial climate as the cause of the department’s failings. The introduction to a report entitled A review of the response to child sexual exploitation in Rotherham compiled by the Rotherham Local Safeguarding Children’s Board, includes the following: “This attention has rightly focused on how children in the Borough have been protected from abuse, but within the tight fiscal controls that have been set, partners need to ensure that all aspects of safeguarding children and adults are dealt with appropriately.”

Amazingly, the report goes on to say “both the media and public perception has been that Rotherham has failed to protect children involved in CSE or identified offenders and brought them to justice.”

“Perception however is not always reality. It is now clear that CSE, in whatever form it takes, and there are a number of ways it can be expressed, is pervasive across the length and breadth of the country.”

In other words, “Everybody else is to blame and how can we protect children in care when there’s a paedophile under every stone and behind every bush”. Only there isn’t.

According to Jay’s report, under the Labour government when public spending was at a historical high, the Labour council starved the department of resources, leading to low morale and severe under-staffing.

The report states “The Lead Member for Children and Young People’s Services (2005-2009) indicated he had become increasingly concerned about the underfunding of safeguarding services during his time in office, and was frustrated by the lack of response to this from other members.”

Yet between 2010 and 2013 these problems have been dealt with, as the report details: “Budgeted expenditure on Rotherham children’s social care increased in real terms by 31.8 percent in the four years to 2013.This compared with an average increase of 2.6 percent for its benchmarking group. […] In the four years to 2013/4, it went from having the lowest spend (£406 per child) to being at the median of the group (£604 per child).”

It is clear from then that with the oversight of the Coalition government the Labour run council has managed to do much better for children in its care. Rotherham council must not be allowed to shift the blame to Westminster, but must instead take full responsibility for its failure in one of the most sensitive areas voter have entrusted to it.

Given the left wing hatred of British values and determination to turn the UK into a middle eastern Muslim theocracy on the western fringe of Europe, we can expect much more news in a similar vein. Remember though, most Muslims are good people who accept our laws and cultural traditions. It is the the bourgeois left and elitist supporters of the Labour party that think they have a duty to act as facilitators for Muslim criminals and extremists in this nation.

Labour’s multicultural, utopian paradise

Labour’s multicultural, utopian paradise
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