A Memo To Those Who Said Libya Could Not Have Been Better Under Gadaffi Than After ‘Liberation”

Let’s be straight, I never though the Libyan dictator Colonel Gadaffi was a good leader, it was always clear he was a tyrant who maintained order by strongarm methods and brutally suppressed opposition.

What I said was that he maintained a kind of order which we in the west might have found unacceptable but which was far better for ordinary Libyans who were not politically motivated than any of the alternatives on offer if he was deposed.

I would also remind certain people that while I am no fan of Vladimir Putin, Russia under his rule has never bombed the crap out of a small nation as the FUKUS axis bombed the crap out of Libya. Sure there was a little kerfuiffle in the Georgia region of South Osettia, but the Georgian government started that.

Wheras in Libya:

Source: David Icke

You’ve got to laugh, especially when you knoe that the people who supported bombing Libya are still saying what a great job the FUKUS axis did in ‘liberating’ Libyans from Gadaffi’s tyranny. They probable think Saddam Hussein’s Weapons Of Mass Destruction are hiding under a bush in Iraq too.

The Forgotten War – Understanding The Incredible Debacle Left Behind By NATO In Libya
The FUKUS axis intervention in Libya, led by US President Barack Obama, with help from David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy as leaders of UK and France, was an abject failure judged even by the standards of American foreign policy incompetence. Libya not only failed to evolve into the democracy we were told it would become once Gaddafi was gone, it has devolved into a failed state.
Where Are Grandstanding FUKUS Axis Leaders As Libya Descends Into Oblivion
Twelve Commercial Jets Now Missing, Warns U.S. Intelligence

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