Why is it so important that Ashya King receive the most dangerous treatment choice?

                           Ashya King, victim of implacable jobsworthery – picture source Huffington Post

The treatment of young Ashya King and his family at the hands of the great British bureaucracy behaviour is typical of the high handed and authoritarian way the public sector behaves towards the public it serves.

Civil Servants, doctors, schoolteacher, town hall officials, every sad, useless little jobsworth who traded the chance of a life in exchange for an illusion of security and an index linked pension now seems to have they idea that WE THE PUNTERS pay their wages because we enjoy being bossed about by them.

Let’s put the case of Ashya in a nutshell:

‘Here is a child with a tumour known as medulloblastoma – a serious condition that is hard to treat, with only two options that are available in the British NHS,” the doctors and NHS Managers said.

The treatment protocol on offer at Southampton General Hospital is called the packer regime and includes high dose radiotherapy to the entire neck, back, head and spine and a prolonged chemotherapy cycle with vincristine and cisplatin – all of which are cytoxic drugs with devastating side effects.

The drugs cause hearing loss, neuropathy and kidney damage; and the long-term effects of the regime include pituitary gland deformity and secondary malignant tumours. Vox Political is advised that it is commonly known that unfortunately the regime often has devastating effects long term.’ (Continue reading at Vox Political)

“Wait,” said Ashya’s parents, “We’ve heard there’s another treatment, it’s just as effective and nowhere near so toxic. Our little boy has as much chance of getting better and a lot less chance of being killed or left disabled by the treatment.”

“You don’t understand,” the Crap Hats said, “The NHS does not exist to offer treatment to scroungers like you, it exists to make profit for Big Pharma. If we spent money on humanely treating your little boy that we should be shovelling into corporate pockets it would be dereliction of our duty.”

So there you have it. Ashya King’s family have been treated like criminals, pursued through foreign courts, separated from their seriously ill little boy and threatened with all sorts of dire consequences because in trying to do their best for the child they brought into the world, they might have reduced the profits of corporate billionaires by a penny or two.

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