The Duchess Of Kate Baby Referendum Scam Exposed

What about this mornings big news story concerning The Duchess of Kate. I feel sorry for the poor cow, I really do. In this world of spin and deception think what might be behind this Royal baby boom.Just imagine, there she is sitting in the breakfast room with hubby and the child, wearing her ‘Piglet’ onesie as she enjoys her boiled egg and soldiers, when knock, knock, knock on the bloody door and in walk the three stooges, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.

“Look Kate old girl,” they say, “there’s a bit of a constitutional crisis heading our way over this Scottish referendum whatsit. We’ve been too complacent and the plebs up there in chilly Jockoland have got wind we’ve been keeping schtumm about a couple of massive oil finds off Shetland hoping to convince them Scotland couldn’t survive economically outside the Union.

“Now they know they’ll be richer than Saudi Arabia we’re just a bit up shit creek. So we need you to lie back and think of England while Willie boy puts one in the oven. News of a Royal baby will surely unite Scots voters behind the Monarchy.”

Can’t see the Scots falling for it myself. With all that oil who needs a monarch. The ploy was so obvious Salmond was onto it before the cybersphere.

Secrets and oil
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2 thoughts on “The Duchess Of Kate Baby Referendum Scam Exposed

  1. Never takes those darling Royal couples long to get it going on the baby-making front ( England expects etc .. )
    And another thing. Has anyone ever heard of a Royal contracting cancer – or in major trouble with the law ..and added one & one together?


    • You mean (dramatic chords) David Icke was right, they’re reptillians? That would work, just take any of a batch of 200 eggs out of deep freeze and pop it in an incubator. The old prosthetic baby bump up Kate’s vest and we have a perfect distraction for the tabloid readers.

      The Royals do seem to lead problem free lives don’t they?

      One alleged royal crime from the past has just been pinned on a Polish immigrant. I got a lot of upvotes in Disqus for pointing out that finding male DNA on a prostitute’s clothing is hardly proof he murdered her.

      People who know a lot more about DNA than I have said that if the mDNA of a descendent of a relative at least five generations removed was ‘a perfect match’ all it proves is fraud. So Prince Victor Albert is still in the frame 🙂


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