Yesterday Manchester, Today tout la monde

French separatists want Scots to say ‘yes’

           The most familiar face of separatism (Picture Source: Daily Telegraph)

Yesterday we reported on calls from economists and opinion makers in the North West for Manchester to demand independence from the UK.

When I was a kid growing up in Shropshire we used to visit my parents families in the leafy Manchester suburb of Worsley quite regularly. Anxious that I should be aware of my heritage, Grandad Thorpe (the engineer) and Grandada Redfern (the bookie) were both fond of telling me, “hat Manchester does today, the world will do tomorrow.”

I saw this as a bit of harmless promotion of their home town but if it was true the world would now be living in peaceful and harmonious prosperity as the tribes to the west of the Pennines have not gone to war with our Yorkshire neighbours for over 500 years. It turns out my Grandads spoke the truth however.

After yesterday’s Boggart Blog posting: Will Manchester Follow Scotland In Demanding Independence today, along with reports of a massive independence march in the Spanish wannabe independent region of Catalona, this report from the French Press:

French separatists want Scots to say ‘yes’

Separatist leaders in Brittany, Corsica and the French Basque Country will watch with interest as Scotland votes on independence next week, but they don’t expect France to follow the UK’s lead any time soon.

Pro-independence activists point to the fact they have their own languages and cultural identities. France, however, remains a deeply centralized country and any talk of a negotiated breakaway seems little more than a pipe dream.

Despite the awareness that they almost certainly are not next in line – Catalans are likely to claim that honour – separatists in France are following closely developments on the other side of the English Channel, where London is embroiled in a last-gasp battle to keep the United Kingdom together.

“It’s a constitutional abnormality that France is the only country in Western Europe not to recognize any national identities other than a French identity,” Basque nationalist Peio Etcheverry-Ainchart told newspaper Le Parisien.

He applauded the move to hold a referendum in Scotland, which he said reflected the will of the people.

The newspaper also referred to Corsican and Breton politicians who shared their Basque counterpart’s frustration with what they view as French intransigence.

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