World IQ is falling in direct correlation to increase in global military spending

This is scary, very, very scary.

A colleague once said to me that with intelligence, common sense, perseverance and goodwill there is not challenge that human being, working together cannot overcome. This should provide a decent amount of hope that we can overcome the tsunami of shite our elites are directing our way right now. The greater challenge of course is first we must neutralise our elites and we have to do that quickly because their politicised education system is dumbing everybody down so fast we only have two generations at most before we are swinging around in trees again.

Since the dawn of time humans have become more intelligent with each generation. But a new infographic shows that since the introduction of trendy, ideologically driven education methods imposed by the globalists we are losing IQ at an alarming rate.


As the chart shows, average world IQ around the world has been steadily falling since the 1950?s. In fact, average IQ has fallen from 93 in 1950 to less than 85 today.

Meanwhile an even more disturbing trend can be seen in military spending.


Countries around the world spend nearly $2trillion a year on weapons and ammunition. The really big increase in global military spending started in 1950 – exactly the same time as our collective IQ started to fall out of our collective bottom. As a result on that there are two things we must consider very seriously.

1)There are thousands of lethal weapons in the hands of people with little education. Many of those people are in Washington, London, Paris and Moscow, while third world intelligence is holding steady.
2) The more and deadlier weapons the big countries possess, the easier it becomes to stop little countries becoming really problematic because ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’?

IQ statistics: University of Hartford
h/t for graphics Zero Hedge


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