Independent Scotland To Lose Orkney, Shetland and Oil

I don’t know whether the post I link here is satire or some serious scaremongering promoted at the last minute by Nick Camerband in a last, desperate big to save The Union.

It amused me however.

Independent Scotland will lose Orkney and Shetland

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark revives claim of right under 500 year old Udal Law to reclaim sovereignty of Shetland and Orkney Isles.

AN INDEPENDENT Scotland will have to hand back Shetland and Orkney according to Denmark’s British Ambassador.

In partnership with Norway’s King Harald V, the Danish regent Queen Margrethe II intends reviving the ancient rites of Udal Law which were ratified by the Scottish parliament in 1567.

According to Udal law, the Scottish parliament is legally bound to return the islands to Norway upon repayment of the Kalmar Union dowry following the betrothal of Margaret of Denmark to King James III of Scotland in 1468.

The Danish Queen claims to have in her possession authenticated copies of the 1575-7 Orkney & Shetland Lawbooks which allow the islands to revert to their previous territorial possession under the Kalmar Union.

Every copy of these books were believed destroyed by an agent of the Scottish crown, Patrick Stuart, around 1579.

But acclaimed Danish historian Olaf Gerritupyeson discovered copies of the books in the Soviet wartime archives in Moscow.

He believes the Nazis looted the historical lawbooks after the occupation of Denmark by the Wehrmacht in 1940 … Continue reading (h/t Graham lear for this story

    A delegation from Denmark’s diplomatic mission arrive to demand shetland back
                                                                   (Picture source)

Well I called that one wrong (there’s a first time for everything). Last week I was speculating that with a couple of recent massive oil finds occurring in what would be their territorial waters, if Scotland voted Yes, the next step would be a big by Shetland for independence.

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2 thoughts on “Independent Scotland To Lose Orkney, Shetland and Oil

  1. By the same olde feudal token, being a Saggitarian ( half man half horse ), I should have the right to piss in the street at any time and not be bothered by anyone.. or something like that.

    But what a load of preposterous old tosh, talk about scraping the scare barrel thin.


    • As I said I don’t know if this is serious or not (and didn’t waste any time checking) but I think the Shetland Independence movement has some substance based on the Faroe model.
      And with the Lib Dems down and almost out, Free Cornwall looks like picking up a couple of Westminster seats next year.
      And I’ll definitely be voting for free Manchester.


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