A Bunch Of Self Obsessed Air Heads Only Interested In Publicity

The headline sums up some of the speakers or yesterday’s climate change protest in London. But we know scientists are vacuous wannabe celebrities. The surprising thing was the showbiz and media luvvies showed themselves even more stupid and out of touch with reality.

Take Emma Thompson. A fine actress but we should remember her job is pretending to be somebody else. and having spent most of her life pretending to be somebody else, when she goes off script she has forgotten that the real Emma Thompson is not very bright.

Take her banal chirruping on the subject of carbon for example:

“Unless we’re carbon free by 2030 the world is buggered,” she told an ecstatic crowd of sheeple.

Emma dear, when you come out with things like that I don’t think science is something you should be worrying your pretty little head about. If the world was carbon free there would be no trees, no grass, no vegetables (that’s right, no vegetables at all, not even Brian Cox) no lefties screching about their politically correct causes, no worms, no beetles, no cheese, no pulled pork, no luvvies, no nothing. It’s all carbon based you see.

And if we did away with carbon dioxide (I’m sure you meant carbon dioxide, silly tart) which is where the plants get their carbon to make leaves and roots and fruit and nuts and berries, there would be nothing to eat (no dear, you couldn’t go to Waitrose and get prepared meals because they’d have nothing to prepare meal with. You couldn’t eat at The Ivy or Riverside Cottage because the’d be in the same boat. Meat you say? But cows and sheep and pigs eat carbon based organisms, that’s how they make meat.

So really Emma, if the world IS carbon free by 2030 we’re not just buggered, we’re fucking fucked.

See what I’m driving at here folks, only stupid people believe getting rid of carbon dioxide will stop man made climate change. For the rest of us, as that great philosopher Eric Cantona said, “He who forecasts all perils will never sail the seas.”

Life is and always has been a struggle against adversity. For too long politicians and scientists (science was ever fascism’s whore) have managed to maintain the illusion that all the existential threats to humanity had been controlled and neutralised. They lied (well what else did you expect?) they were not controlling anything, just kicking the can down the road.

It would of course be ungentlemanly of me to raise the issue of how many times a year Emma Thompson flies back and forward across the Atlantic in pursuit of wealth, fame and politically correct causes. I’d bet her carbon footprint is several million times bigger than your or mine however. Fucking hypocrite .


Report Predicts Everyone Will Be a Sexy Millionaire by 2050
History is full of failed predictions from the Oracle at Delphi through Nostradamus, Mother Shipton and just about every twentieth century stargazer and futurologist who ever found an audience.

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3 thoughts on “A Bunch Of Self Obsessed Air Heads Only Interested In Publicity

    • First define climate change denier, then name one person who denies that the climate changes.

      Delingpole doesn’t, Watts doesn’t, Mountford doesn’t, Bjorn Lomborg doesn’t.

      You can’t can you? Oh wait, that hockey stick bloke, Mann, is still denying the medieval warm period. He says the climate hasn’t changed since the end of the last ice age (but he’s a cupid stunt, according to paleolithic silt samples it was condsiderably warmer at the beginning of the bronze age than now and humanity thrived.)

      What they are arguing about is the effect of a marginal increase in a trace atmospheric gas in an ecosystem where 97% of the carbon dioxide present (i.e. 97% of 0.03%) is emitted by natural processes of animal and vegetable life forms.
      You see where you go wrong is in thinking science is controlling the process. No, science should only be observing it (and in the case of the Pythagorean tossers who believe the universe is made out of numbers, totally misunderstanding what they observe)
      Unfortunately modern scientists are as lazy as they are stupid and they are only observing mathematical models that differ widely from the observed reality.

      Feeling better now I’ve explained that.

      As for that thick bint Thompson, I’ve filed her in the same bin as Lady Gaga, George Clowney, Angelina Jolie, Prince Charles, Katie Perry, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, le petit crapaud Hollande, Barry O’Bummer, Leonardo di Craprio and the rest of the publicity seeking luvvies. – The one with Human Waste stencilled on it.

      Aren’t you glad there are people like me and Mike St. Mark to liven up this dull blog site.


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