The Inevitable Claims That The Scottish Vote was Rigged Are Gathering Momentum

No one on the Boggart Blog team or even at The Daily Stirrer actually expressed an opinion on which way we wanted the Scottish independence vote to go. That’s because none of us are Scottish and didn’t have a vote, nor did we have an opinion.

We all love Scotland for different reasons and would hate to see our countries divided but were all aware that whichever way it went would be divisive. And we were all aware that with the EU and USA absolutely dreading the break up of the UK there was no way the Yes campaign would be allowed to win. Even if the Scots had voted Yes, somehow the result would have been overturned (remember the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, which itself was just a rehash of the European Consitution thrown out by referendum in France and The Netherlands anyone?). Which explains why the No vote looks like it will turn out to be more divisive in the UK than a Yes vote might have been.

After Allegations Of Indyref vote fraud – Petitions gain traction for recount

Scots wha hae when votes were rigged

A petition demanding a recount in the Scottish independence referendum has been signed by over 150,000 people after videos purporting to show evidence of vote fraud went viral on the internet in the aftermath of last week’s referendum vote.

Several video clips appear to show sporadic examples of potential vote fraud, feeding into existing suspicions that the British establishment was prepared to go to any lengths to prevent Scotland from gaining independence from Westminster. After the alleged vote fraud videos went viral, online petitions popped up, with tens of thousands rushing to advocate a recount. Scroll to the bottom of this City AM page to see a video which shows several examples of alleged cheating

A petition started by Scottish voters demands “a revote of the Scottish Referendum, counted by impartial international parties.” Can’t see them getting one but it indicates there is a lot of bitterness in the wake of the vote that will last for a long time.

The petition has been signed by nearly 90,000 individuals. A separate petition which demands an independent enquiry into vote fraud allegations has topped 62,000 signatures.

A comment posted by the person who started the petition, appealing for an end to the hate attacks, was posted on Facebook.

A personal word.
by Kirstie Keatings
Petition organiser

I would like to respectfully ask that people stop contacting me on my facebook regarding this petition just because they don’t agree with it. I am merely the one who started this petition, not the voice behind it. For that, you should look to the (currently) 81,000 signatories, as it would be nothing without them. If there is no truth to the evidence of vote rigging then you have nothing to fear, do you? Let democracy take its course and do not harass anyone to do with this petition or its subsequent groups and rallies.

WTF? What is happening to free speech in our country? Kirstie is right about the evidence or lack of, and she has a right to her opinion and to express it even if she is wrong about the vote rigging.

Global institutions and individuals including David Cameron, corporates and major banks pulled out all the stops to sow fear about independence after polls suggested it was moving towars a Yes vote. When George Osborne, Danny Alexander, Ed bollocks and Gordon Broon agree in their predictions of economic doom, it can’t get any more insane than that.

The elite onslaught against secession employed at least two strategies. The first involved threats and “for your own good” lectures. US Senator Mr. Magoo John McCain even sugggested that Scottish independence would help terrorists (what, by arming, funding and training them like the Obama administration has?)

The second strategy involved pleading and begging, which, of course, betrayed how truly fearful the West’s ruling class is of secession.

The threats that focused on the Scottish monetary system were particularly telling. The very last thing that govt’s in London, Brussels, or Washington, DC want to see is an established Western country secede from a monetary system and join another in an orderly fashion because if that happens it will allay fears about the Russian / Chinese / Iranian bit to replace the $US as the global reserve currency and encourage Eurozone nations to quit the European Single Currency system.
Political secession is bad enough and is a constant worry for the bureaucrats who run the EU which not only hopes to expand Europe into the middle east and north Africa (or create a superstate, Eurasia as George Orwell called it in ‘1984’) but also establish itself someday as a perpetual union governed by a totalitarian bureaucratic dictatorship with no Get Out Of Jail cards on the board. A successful withdrawal from a major global currency, even if to join the EU monetary system later, would imply that countries have monetary options other than being absorbed wholesale (and permanently) by the EU.

When we get a vote of an independent England I’m voting ‘Yes’ although I’d rather see us split four ways with Anglia, Mercia and Wessex becoming a federal province of Europe and The Danelaw joining an economic union with Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We might become an economic basket case but at least WE’D KNOW HOW TO THROW PARTY.

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