EU Kommisar Admits Brussels Is At War With Democracy

The German EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger, in an astonishing rant accused “bishops, non-governmental organizations and “Ami-Go-Home-Altgruppen” (whatever they are) of undemocratic agitation against the EU’s free trade agreements.

Oettinger was referring of course to the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) the undemocratic deal being negotiated in secret between the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union and the corporate paymasters who control the US Administration of the rent-boy President Barack Obama.

Democracy loving Eurosceptics are deeply concerned that the TTIP will, in its Investment Protection clauses, give global (i.e. American owned, tax-haven domiciled) corporate businesses the power to overturn laws made by the governments of sovereign nations for the protection of consumers, workers and small businesses of America’s ‘partners’ in this one sided agreement. The EU needs the controversial investor protection,because of “Bulgaria” and “Sicily”, the German Euro rat said.

Gauleiter Commissioner Oettinger called on the EU to reject changes to the draft treaty proposed by Federal Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) required changes to the EU’s free trade agreement with Canada (CETA) which will be a template for the eventual US / EU treaty. “CETA is nothing new,” he raved in best Nuremburg rally style.

“If Germany wakes up late, then I can only say ‘Good morning”, “Oettinger said in Berlin on Monday before the CDU Presidium meeting. “This is thoroughly negotiated, fair and transparent agreement”, the CDU-politician said. “I can only advise you to support the agreement with Canada.”

Oettinger was responding to the call from Gabriel to change the investment protection chapter in the agreement yet, although the European Commission and Canada’s New World Order puppet government has declared negotiations complete, national governments, trade unions, civil rights groups and professional associations have been frozen out of the negotiations. Gabriel had stressed that he broadly supported CETA, but was not able to consent to the investment protection chapters in it. These are the clauses which would giver corporate interests the ability to challenge laws they see as obstructing their ability to steal from and cheat taxpayers.

Oettinger defended the investment protection part in the intended economic agreements, CETA and the TTIP with the United States. The . Because of functioning legal system in Germany United States had no problem with the abandonment of an investment protection agreement;

“But with Bulgaria, Sicily?” He added. “It is just not a Germany-USA agreement, but a US-EU agreement. The excitement of bishops, non-governmental organizations and Ami-Go-Home-Altgruppen is fatal,” Oettinger raved in a press conference. Germany carries on Free Trade with many other States . It is therefore difficult to understand why it should just be a problem with the United States.”

Oettinger obviously does not understand why people are concerned: The “problem” is not citizens who mock politicians as stupid enough to let American Corporations steal our tax money …

The “problem” is functionaries like Oettinger, fat arsed smooth cheeked pen pushers who have no experience of business or industry but have kiss-arsed their way to top posts in the EU bureaucracy, who now hide behind bureaucratic processes to avoid being held accountable for their actions, who are unelected and therefore effectively only supervised by those who share the same goals, i.e, building ever greater bureaucratic empires, and who now presume to tell us voters and our elected representatives how to run nations.

It is obvious that citizens will become suspicious and wonder whose interests the massive secrecy surrounding the negotiations of TTIP and CETA serves. BECAUSE IT CERTAINLY AIN’T OURS.

(Sourced from: Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten)

The Crminalisation Of Dissent

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