When A White Footballer Tackles A Black Footballer And Wins The Ball Is It Racism?

I really despise football these days. It was never a game for whining wusses and politically correct pillocks when I was young.

I also despise political correctness which is spreading through the game like a cancer, to the extent that in future when we talk about team playing a 4-4-2 formation it will mean four east Europeans, four ethnic minorities and two gays.

I despise the overpaid, overmuscled retards who play in the Premiership, was Bobby Moore known for his six pack or George Best for having a daft haircut? Do players these days need a daft haircut in order to get a game or are their stupid coiffures simply the result of having more money than The Bank Of England and more testicles than brain cells.

A big part of the trouble stems from the fact that the game is administred by fully paid up, card carrying members of the cunt’s club. The latest example of idiocy comes from Gordon Taylor, Chairperson of the Professional Footballers Association:

from The Guardian:

Gordon Taylor has accused football sides of “a hidden racism which holds clubs back” when it comes to appointing black managers and called for the introduction of the “Rooney Rule” in use in American football to ensure that black candidates have an adequate representation on interview shortlists for coaching positions.

The chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association told the BBC that the appointment of black players as coaches “should be based on merit” and he said that they had “merit as players and merit as coaches”.

He added: “I can give you a list of black players who’ve become coaches, who’ve got their A licence, who’ve got their B licence, who’ve gone all the way up the ranks, they’ve got the pro-licence and aren’t getting opportunities. So I know for a fact they’ve got that merit but there is a hidden racism that seems to hold clubs back.”

Taylor praised Huddersfield for appointing Chris Powell after he was sacked by Charlton in March though he is now only one of two black managers employed by the 92 clubs in English football along with Keith Curle at Carlisle.

“Can we not have a recruitment process that is open and transparent and contains black, asian, minority or ethnic people who are qualified? said Taylor.

“They have the Rooney Rule in gridiron because they similarly had a high number of black players but no black coaches. The rule was introduced to say look, at least make sure you’ve interviewed some of these players who want to stay in the game and then they found, not unsurprisingly, that they had some real quality players who became top-class black coaches. But in this country that’s not happened and we are merely asking for a recruitment process that is open and transparent and does exactly that.”

So this very influential figure in the game thinks we have things to learn from American gridiron football, a game played by 250lb sissies who are so gay that they have to stop the game for a group hug when one of the girlie-boys gets a grass stain on his shorts. Obviously Gordon Taylor and the other politically correct fuckwits think that’s what real football, the game for men, is in need of. Skinner Normanton would turn in his grave (scroll past the related articles links).

As for Taylor’s comments about how unfair it is that guys with a full set of coaching certificates can’t get a job as managers, does he really think a bagful of coaching certificates make a suitable candidate for team management. I have two words for him: David fucking Moyes.

There, I did that without mentioning Super Mario Balotelli, a player described at the time of his signing for Liverpool as the embodiment of everything that is wrong with football. Whoever said that is a master of understatement.

The Strange Case Of The Footballer And The Witch Hunt.

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