NHS Trains Staff To Deal With Ebola Patients

We heard today that the NHS had designated a special Ebola traiing day during which doctors, nursing staff, paramedics and army medics are trained to deal with patients they think have Ebola.

There have been rumours of course that the first case of Ebola in the UK has been diagnosed. This has not yet been officially confirmed but people are asking “What happens next?”

Well nothing for now, but twenty eight days later …

NHS staff triaging suspected Ebola patients.

2 thoughts on “NHS Trains Staff To Deal With Ebola Patients

  1. Apparently, there’s a hospital in Texas that has been ‘curing’ it in 2 minutes flat – with UltraViolet light. I’ve also heard that Colloidal Silver gets rid of it quickly too.
    So, there’s no need to panic “Mr Mannering!”


    • Hi,
      Very sensible. Loads of Vitamin C is said to protect against the effects too, apparently the virus gobbles up your Vitamin C and because of that bloodvessels and internal organs degrade.
      Some people have compared The Back Death to Ebola (it seems it was not Bubonic Plague after all – Gildas at Anna Raccoon did a good analysis) but I think it is more like Swine Flu, which triggered a major scare but didn’t really threaten much.
      I prefer the way of dealing with it in the video mash up to vitamins and vaccines, which are no fun at all. 😀


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