Ebola, Stock Market, Nuclear War. It’s all going tits up. WTF?

We’re fucked.
How fucked are we, you might well ask.
We’re fucking fucked, that’s how fucked we are.

Woke up this morning (I know that sounds like the opening of a blues song, but bear with me), leisurely breakfast, watched the news – Osborne wittering about how well they economy was doing (which was an ominous sign), read for a while, drove Mrs T down the shops. Came in, turned on the computer.

First thing I see, Greece is facing economic meltdown. Nothing new there then, Greece is always facing economic meltdown. Next item:

“We’re Screwed” Says White House Correspondent and Government Document Surfaces Exposing the Real Truth Behind Ebola

by Lisa Haven, Pakalert Press

News about the widening Ebola outbreak is getting worse by the day. Thus far, 7,000 persons have been infected and about 3,500 have died—including our first official case in Dallas, Texas. Furthermore, rumors have been circulating about the possibility of Ebola infected persons from Arizona all the way to Washington D.C.

If these headlines have left you wondering whether we are nearing a global pandemic with scenes reminiscent of movies like “Outbreak”, then here is something to ponder, at a recent Ebola conference White House Correspondent with CBS News Major Garrett, accidently left his mic on and was caught saying “Were Screwed” about the Ebola virus

But that’s not all, recently I came across a document put out by medical professionals (and others) titled, Hemorrhagic Fever Virus as Biological Weapon Medical and Public Health Management. This document revealed more about Ebola then I wished to know!

Then I read that we are closer than ever to war with Russia and China over Ukraine and Syria, thanks to the stupidity of our politicians who just can’t see that when the west starts meddling in the affairs of nations with vastly different cultures to our and when we try to impose on them by force, our culture and values, things never turn out well.

Due to our Stupid Politicians – Nuclear War Could Be Near.

There are a lot of stupid politicians the world over, mot of the stupidest it seems in the USA and UK. The US, backed by the UK and EU are dangerously close to stumbling into a war with Russia over Ukraine that could go nuclear and kill hundreds of millions of people in a single day, one of the world’s leading authorities on the consequences of nuclear conflict warned in Washington this week.

“It’s an incredibly dangerous situation. … If there’s a nuclear war tonight, that’s the Northern Hemisphere (of the entire world) gone, Dr. Helen Caldicott told a National Press Club Newsmakers news conference on Wednesday. She was speaking on the topic: “Ukraine: Is Nuclear Conflict Likely?”

And finally another headline caught my eye and I looked at the stock markets to find that stock markets in Europe, America and Asia are collapsing. Oh well, that’s better news. I put my investments into safer havens over a year ago. 😀

So how will all this turn out. Check back 28 Days Later and I’ll let you know.

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2 thoughts on “Ebola, Stock Market, Nuclear War. It’s all going tits up. WTF?

    • There’s a lot of scaremongering going on, I’m sure it’s objective is to soften us up so we’ll believe that only by surrendering all our rights and freedoms can we make it possible for the elite to save us.

      But I think you are right, though I’d add fine wines. but then for the past forty five years I’ve spent half my money on booze, cars, women and gambling … and the rest I just frittered away. :)) Can’t beat the old ones.


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