Orwell Was Not Wrong About The Result – Only The Year

Socialist believer and those who love authoritarianism, big government and concepts such as each of us having our own personal government snooper whose job is to make sure we never step out of line, never try to think for ourselves and never even question the authority of the government to keep us under constant surveillance, tell us what we can and cannot read, say, think or how much we can eat and drink like to say “No na nah na naaa, Orwell was wrong, it’s thirty years past 1984 and we’re still free to do as we are told.

As usual they are so wrong in so many ways. 1984 was an allegorical date, a reversal of the two final digits of 1948, they year in which his dystopian novel was written. What he was telling readers was, “this is what the future holds unless we reject oligarchic collectivism now.”

And now in 2014, those with eyes to see and ears to hear must be aware ‘1984’ has been with us for a long time. It just crept up so stealtily most sheeple did not notice. This cartoon says it all …

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