The Establishment Closes Ranks To Protect Its Own

Leon Brittan (a man with much to worry about?) wears a worried frown (source)

The first person appointed to head the enquiry into an alleged cover up of sex crimes committed against children by senior figurews in politics, the judiciary and the civil service was forced by a public outcry to step down because her late bother, Sir Michael Havers, had, as Attorney General been directly involved in efforts to stop the allegations being properly investigated.

To lose one independent inquiry head is unforunate, two lose two looks like carelessness as Oscar Wild might have said had he been around.

The replacement head of the national child sex abuse inquiry is also facing calls to quit before the investigation starts, as the full extent of her links to Conservative grandee Leon Brittan who was Home Secretary at the time these allegations first emerged and who himself is widely rumoured to have been named in connection with abuse allegations. The extent of Woolf’s links with Lord Brittan and his family were revealed today.

Three Labour MPs warned that Fiona Woolf should not carry out the probe into how historic abuse ­allegations were handled because of her social ties to the Brittan whose name, it is believed, was mentioned in a dossier handed to him by ‘battling’ Barbara Castle, the former Labour cabinet minister and MP for Blackburn.

Woolf admitted d that she has enjoyed five dinner parties with Leon Brittan and his wife, prompting Labour MP and leading campaigner in the bid to expose paedophile cover ups, Simon Danczuk to comment: “In the world where I come from if you have people round for dinner regularly, you would consider yourselves friends.” and added: “The public will suspect the government is trying to protect Leon Brittan.”

Labour’s Ian Austin said she had met the peer “more frequently than I have seen some members of my family”. He added: “Do you think the public’s confidence in your ability to examine what was happening when Lord Brittan was Home Secretary won’t be affected by what clearly, I would think and most people would think, is a close personal contact?”

Baroness Butler-Sloss stepped down as the head of a major inquiry into child abuse claims because of her links to several figures involved in the abuse allegations. This latest attempt to hand control of the enquiry to an establishment figure with links to Leon Brittan will add credibility to accusations that the government is not only protecting Leon Brittan and others but protecting Westminster and the establishment from a hugely embarrassing scandal if the entire VIP paedophile story and all the associated cover ups and whitewashes actually came out into the public domain in the run up to a General Election.

Excuse me, I think I hear the sound of someone creeping around in hush puppies, better go and check that the grandkids are safe.

British Democracy In Terminal Decline – Voting Is Redundant And Civil Liberties Are So Last Year
When did democracy go out of fashion. I don’t remember voting on whether we wanted to give up our civil liberties or be ruled by a dictatorship of unelected bureaucrats from Brussels, but that is where we are heading, along with the other free nations of Europe. And the USA, so-called land of the free is further along the road to fascism than Europe.

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A taxi company in the child-sex scandal hit town Heywood, is now offering customers option of requesting white-only cab drivers, after two former ‘Asian’ drivers were imprisoned for their roles in the sexual exploitation gang.
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