Big Brother Is Right Behind You And He Knows What you Are Up To

Big Brother Is Right Behind You And He Knows What you Are Up TO

No doubt the smug complacent bourgeois fools will shout conspiracy theirist and the emotionally needy leftist Sheeple will bleat “racist bigot” (they always bleat “racist bigot”) but it is not alarmist to say the UK is slowly becoming a totalitarian state resembling the one in George Orwell’s novel 1984. What else can we call our nation if anti – terror laws are being used prosecute people for low-level offences such as Television licence dodging.

The BBC (yes, Auntie Beeb)which as we all must be aware is run by a bunch of greedy, self serving, authoritarian Bolsheviks is using laws designed to catch terrorists and organised crime gangs to track down people who dodge the licence fee, according to a Daily Mail report based on a post at the BigBrotherWatch web site.

The publicly owned broadcaster is using the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), designed by the last Labour government to fight terrorism, to catch those who evade paying the £145.50 fee. You may remember that the BBC’s claims to possess technology which their said could see into your home and monitor which TV channel you were watching was actually a lie (of course it was a lie, they’re lefties, they despise the truth.)

In 2012, Big Brother Watch discovered 345 councils had been authorised to use RIPA 9,607 times in just three years – the equivalent of around nine spying missions a day.

Seven public authorities, including the BBC, refused under the Freedom of Information Act to disclose why or how often they had used the powers. The most common use of the legislation is to demand phone companies hand over an individual’s communications data.

At the time, the BBC said the reason for its secrecy was ‘to ensure people without a valid TV licence don’t use this information to their advantage’. Last night a BBC spokesman said: ‘Legislation explicitly grants the BBC the right to use these powers to detect unlicensed use of television receivers.

‘We’re regularly inspected by independent regulators and have always been open about using this power when there is no other option to help reduce evasion on behalf of the vast majority of the population who pay for their licence.’

RIPA, passed by Labour in 2000 ostensibly as an anti-terror measure, gives public authorities sweeping powers to snoop on the public.

The most common use of the legislation is to demand phone companies hand over an individual’s communications data. This would include details of who a person called, when and for how long. However, the act can also be used to mount undercover surveillance operations – such as secretly following a person to see when they are at home. This could, in theory, be used to match the times when a TV is believed to have been in use.

The Metropolitan Police Force is also in trouble for abusing the powers to gain access the phone logs of reporters on two newspapers in order to trace their sources.

What is most striking about these events are that publicly funded bodies such as the BBC, the Police and local authorities are refusing to answer perfectly reasonable Freedom of Information Act requests whilst exercising powers they shouldn’t have granted by government bodies that voters do not approve of. There is proof that local authorities have used terror laws to surveil dog fouling and even people breaking smoking bans. And, where is all the data being stored of people being caught by anti-terror laws? Where will this end up? Big Brother is watching.


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4 thoughts on “Big Brother Is Right Behind You And He Knows What you Are Up To

  1. Ignoring your hallucination that the BBC isn’t completely controlled by the Tories…

    Twenty five years ago, I saw how a TV detector van could pick up leaked signals from the IF strip in a TV, and say which channel it was on. Modern sets don’t have an IF strip, and I don’t know if the vans have been updated to try to pick up a signal from digital circuitry. Probably not, but I’m guessing. However, I can promise you the vans did, at that time, detect what channel was being watched.


    • Ignoring your DELUSION that the BBC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Conservative Party (face it, one of the Beeb’s top bosses admitted last year they’re a bunch of rabid Marxists) I find your devotion to the cult of technology worship rather charmingly naive from one who claims to be an atheist.

      The Television Licensing Authority themselves admitted a few years ago that detector vans never worked and the only way they tracked down suspected non payers was to pull a report from a database listing homes that had had a TV licence and had not renewed. That demo you saw, it was a set up, you were had mate. Twenty five (no, 29 now) years ago I worked for Philips at an electric components factory that made bits for television and the engineers there were quite adamant there was no component in a TV that could do what the been claimed.

      There’s an interesting passage in this article from boingboing in 2008, it reads:

      “Britain’s Information Commissioner has swatted down a Freedom of Information request for information on the size of the BBC’s van fleet and the technology used.

      The grounds given for the refusal, however, are telling enough: “if [the BBC] did so it would damage the public’s perception of the effectiveness of TV detector vans,” the report says. “… It relies on the public perception that the vans could be used at any time to catch evaders.”

      Revealing technical information would result in the loss of the ‘deterrent effect,’ and, hence, ‘a significant number of people would decide not to pay their licence fee.’

      Brits will be hard-pressed to suppress a guffaw at the nature of the disclosure and its rather obvious implications.”

      And here’s an interesting comment from a thread on the topic:

      david.web, London, United Kingdom, 1 year ago

      “I used to work for TV licencing in Leeds, West Yorkshire and can confirm 100% that the detector vans do not work. They are driven around each year, at the beginning of the new university term after a massive mailing campaign, warning that they are out to catch the non fee payers. In fact, they only knock on doors that are on the system as not having renewed their licence. It’s that simple. The vans are a visual deterrent only and not operational at all.”

      Which is more or less what the Licencing Authority admitted when they were forced to own up.

      In the comms consultancy of which was a partner we had many discussions on the topic which invariably concluded that while it would be possible to detect a television was on in the immediate vicinity, in urban areas it would not be possible to distinguish which house or room.

      I always knew the detector vans were a con and they used some kind of register, because for several years after we were married we had a second hand TV, didn’t bother with a licence and despite the usual warnings that Detector Vans are operating in the area, get your licence or you will be chopped into small pieces and fed to rats, we were never troubled.

      Soon as we bought a new TV they were on our case, but we had a licence by then because I knew how the system worked. Retailers were required by law to inform the authority when a new TV was bought.


      • Why not just admit you’re wrong? The Beeb admitted it, the radio, radar and microwave engineers I used to work with all agreed it was bullshit. The Denizens of bedsit land all knew they didn’t need a licence, they just said “Who? Doesn’t live here any more?”

        It was a con. See today’s post for more …


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