Proof GCHQ are pants

Those of us who were involved in the telecomms and certain branches of the computer industry have always known it of course. The whole purpose of the internet and the world wide web was to spy on us. Do you think it was coincidence that an unknown company headed by a college dropout with no work experience in either business or technology but who happened to be the son of a senior boss of America’s CIA was handed the project to provide an operating system for the PC destined to be promoted as the defacto standard for personal computers.

The march towards total surveillance has been under way for a long time. Search up Project Echelon if you do not believe me.

Only one thing protects our privacy now, and that is the incompetence of the public servants in MI5, the CIA, the NSA and GCHQ. They’re morons.

The NSA allowed a geek like Ed Snowden to walk out with millions of sensitive and embarrassing documents encrypted on a memory stick. And GCHQ, whell they’re just pants as this story from 4bit news proves.

Govt watchdog rejects evidence of GCHQ human rights breeches

For the benefit of people slow to see the joke, that headline should read
“breaches”. These (below) are riding breeches.


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