RESULT – Establishment’s Woolf Caged

Child abuse inquiry chair Fiona Woolf RESIGNS after victims unanimously call for her to quit over links to alleged paedo Lord Brittan

Thw Whitewash manufacturers and Tarpaulin merchants of the Establishment cover – up industry suffered a second blow in their quest to install one of their own as chair of an inquiry into alleged paedophiles operaying in the Palace Of Westminster when Lord Mayor Of London Fiona Woolf stepped down today in response to pressure from abuse victims and support groups along with some media organisations.

Fiona Woolf told the Home Secretary that she did not have the confidence of the victims and needed to step aside for the sake of the inquiry.

She said: ‘I did not think it was going to be possible for me to chair it without everybody’s support.”

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A few months ago Lady Butler Sloss, a senior judge whose brother Sir Michael Havers was Attorney General when the first cover up, involving a dossier of the sex abuse allegations compiled by former Backburn MP ‘Battling’ Barbara Castle was lost after being haded to Brittan when he was Home Secretary.

There is no suggestion Havers was involved in the sex crimes, but he abused his position in order to protect other establishment figures so an impartial inquiry is likely to destroy what’s left of his reputation. Lady Butler – Sloss should have declared a conflict of interest and declined the role from the outset as should Finona Woolf who as a personal friend of Leon Brittan could not possibly have been an impartial figure in a case likely to result in the destruction of both his political and personal reputation.

4 thoughts on “RESULT – Establishment’s Woolf Caged

    • Right, and to think that fine, upstanding, former future Prime Minister was hounded out of office and had to go and hide in the paedophile capital of Europe, Brussels, as a result of these wicked allegations.
      How much whitewash do people need to see before they accept there is nothing to be concerned about.


    • Yep, and the establishment are still trying to claim she was unjustly treated. Its simple, in any civilised legal system if the judge knows the defendant in any way (even if it is ‘Oh yes, he’s the bastards that broke into my sister’s house’ then the judge cannot take part in the trial.


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