Scientists predict heatwaves could kill thousands in Britain

termites farting
Termites farting (image source)

The Warmageddonists have been out in force this week, a sort of knee jerk response to the polar vortex causing havoc and record snow falls across north America I guess. They don’t want us to get complacent so they started off by saying that freezing temperatures and several feet of snow were proof that global warming was coming faster than even the most dire predictions had said.

And we laughed.

So they changed tack (those capable of changing tack) and tried saying that the freezing weather in America for one week meant that in future we would get more and hotter headwaves and thousands of people will be killed when they slip on the eggs their neighbours are frying on the pavement.

And some of us said, “Heatwaves, bring it on, much cheaper going to Southend than Spain. And others said, “heatwaves? We could do with a few more heatwaves up here in the North West so don’t expect us to co-operate with efforts to cut CO2.

I actually reminded the science screechers that termite farts contribute 1500 times as much CO2 to the atmosphere as human activity. A sciencehead screeched, “You don’t believe that do you, its an urban myth, no scientist would ever say that.”

So I said, “Well you’d better tell the saintly David Attenborough then because it was none other than he who revealed the fact in a series titled Life In The Undergrowth quite a few years ago.

Don’t you wish scientists would show a bit of consistency, one minute they’re insisting science is infallible, then the moment you point out something that challenges their quasi – religious certainties, even when it’s said or written by a respected scientist, its “Oh you don’t want to listen to him, he’s an idiot.”


2 thoughts on “Scientists predict heatwaves could kill thousands in Britain

  1. It all depends on which particular paymaster’s vested interest dick they’re sucking on through the hole in the $pocket that they’re in at the time.. as to what bent outcome they publicise through the equally bent MSM.
    When corrupt corporate governments bark ‘jump’ their lapdogs whimper “how high”?


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