Are Humans Becoming Extinct

A Warmageddonists vision of the future – scientists are not aware CO2 is food for vegitation so higher CO2 will lead to a greener planet.

If you listen to scientists, as they cream their underwear while raving about the latest totally unprovable theory that posits humanity will either destroy itself or destroy the world before lunchtime tomorrow you might well think of killing yourself. If you need proof of the ignorance and idiocy of those who confuse mathematical models with reality, just ask them what happened to the fifty million refugees who by 2013, the models predicted, would be displaced by rising sea levels as a reult of ice cap melt?

Far better to kill scientists without having listened to them. Not only is it humane, (you only have to listen to the drivel the poor schmucks come out with to realise there’s no hope for them and they should be treated like mad dogs), but if we just let evolution and nature’s cycles sort stuff out without some idiotic fuckwit control freak with a PhD in stupid trying to do it better, things will not be too bad. I mean, nature has four billion years experience, science has only been aroun a couple of thousand.

Scientists hate evolution of course, they hate anything they can’t control. This week we have already had The Brain In A Bottle Stephen Hawking sating Artificial Intelligence will wipe us out though as yet we are not even close to understanding what intelligence is (but it sure as hell isn’t what computers do) and some scientists, Guy McPherson included, down at the Climate Change conference who fear that climate disruption is so serious, with so many self-reinforcing feedback loops already in play, that humans are in the process of causing our own extinction.

These guys say coal will likely overtake oil as the dominant energy source by 2017, and without a major shift away from coal, average global temperatures could rise by 6 degrees Celsius by 2050, leading to devastating climate change ( But if the science of Fuckwittery had not promised us medieval technology (Windmills) and smoke and mirrors could meet all our energy needs we could have been building Nukes, developing cold fusion and radiant energy technology, and not now be facing catastrophic energy shortages.

Well if you can make any sense at all of the previous paragraph you are as mad as a box of scientists. Here’s a clue why, from the conference press release.

Across two decades and thousands of pages of reports, the world’s most authoritative voice on climate science has consistently understated the rate and intensity of climate change and the danger those impacts represent.

Now that gem of scietific truth is the exact opposite of what has happened in the real world. In view of the latest IPCC report stating that climate sensitivity to CO2 have been overstated, what these Warmageddonist fuckwit scientists appear to be saying is that because real world observations show the effect of increased carbon dioxide to be considerably less that the mathematical models of the climate predicted it would be, nature has got it wrong. (The equations and algorithms of the computer models are infallible of course.)

Well here’s a page from a peer reviewed scientific publication, Berkley Earth showing how far apart the real world data and the pointy head predictions are. you can make up your own minds about the infallibility of pointy headedness, but after you see the graphics at the linked page there will not be much to make up your mind about. The ‘science’ is a fraud, read world data does not lie.

Model Performance Against Berkley Earth Data Set – Graphic comparisons

A FOOTNOTE ON HAWKING’S LATEST BLETHER as someone on facebook just had a go because “you can’t stand a disabled man being smarter than you.” (Guess what, I’m disabled and much smarter than Hawking, my knowledge is based on real world experience.

Prof Hawking, a THEORETICAL physicist (i.e. doesn’t live in the real world) has pontificated on the wonders of artificial Intelligence before. His colleague Roger Penrose had to painstakingly explain to him that there is a gulf between algorithmic activity and human mentality that goes back to the fundamental limiting results in Mathematical logic. Predictions of where AI would be in 10 years have consistently been as unreliable as predictions in climate science, and for good reason.

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One thought on “Are Humans Becoming Extinct

  1. The earth’s oceans’ unimaginably vast plankton cover is an even larger natural balancer/regulator of atmospheric C02 than land-based vegetation.
    &I’m sure Joe P. isn’t convinced by corporate c*k-sucking jobsworth Tefal heads’ scaremongering any more either, mainly thanks to sterling social media efforts by the likes of your Chief Ectoplasmic Officer.
    Looks vm like IPCC’s tedious doomsday warnings have had their day in the sun!


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