Immigration Problem Moves Swedish Politics To The Right

Illegal immigrants find their way past border controls

One of the reasons I started to use this blog more after it had lain virtually untouched for years (amassing only about 3000 page views in six years) was that I wanted to brink a more international flavour to my family of blogs and web pages. I was driven towards this course by the attitude among people who call themselves ‘liberal and ‘progressive’ that only one set of beliefs and values is socially acceptable. This  Pensée Unique (to give the blog a foreign flavour)embraces several principles which its supporters (most of whom claim they are atheists) cling to with the fervour of religious zealots. One of these is that all immigration is good. To hear Pensée Unique fanatics in the anglosphere screeching when this dogma is challenged one might think the UK and USA are the only nations where government sponsored mass immigration by people who have no intention of integrating socially or culturally is seen as a problem by significant numbers of ordinary citizens.

Sweden’s Christian Democrats: Cut refugee benefits.

 In response perhaps to the rising popularity of Sweden’s new, right of centre political party, the Sweden Democrats who anti – immigration stance is striking a chord with many ordinary, working class Swedes who feel their country is being given away to foreigners by an unrepresentative ‘liberal elite’ that control national politics, the well established Christian Democrat party has shocked academics and media luvvies by moving sharply against immigration as the country approaches a General Election in March.  
(translated from Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm)
The Christian Democrats have announced proposals to reduce the
cost of the asylum process in Sweden, arguing that cuts are necessary to
maintain “the legitimacy” of the system.

“I am tired of the fact that all discussions [of immigration] start and end with the SwedenDemocrats,” Christian Democrat leader Göran Hägglund said on Thursday.

The Christian Democrat’s proposals include reducing the level of benefits paid to refugees seeking asylum in the country and the introduction of temporary residence permits.

“This is a problem with which we have not achieved sufficient success,”
Hägglund said referring to the high levels of unemployment among
newly-arrived immigrants in comparison to people born in Sweden.

Hägglund explained that his party, which suffered heavy losses in last September’s election, would like to see the changes in
order to “preserve the legitimacy” of Sweden’s immigration policy.

(Many Swedes feel the majority of ‘refugees’ seeking asylum in Sweden are in face economic migrants attracted by the nation’s generous welfare system and reputation for tolderance (Boggart Blogger)

Among the proposed measures is a proposal that new immigrants be able to
earn up to 100,000 kronor ($13,000) tax free per annum for their first
five years in Sweden. At the same time the party proposed a reduction in
introduction benefits.

Hägglund underlined that the proposals were not a question of “closing
the border”, the move was welcomed by the Sweden Democrats (SD), who
have proposed a dramatic reduction in immigration to Sweden.

“This paves the way for a more informed debate about immigration,” acting party leader Mattias Karlsson said on Thursday.

Karlsson added that the proposal could make it easier for SD to side
with the Alliance if they were to win the upcoming extra election.

The Christian Democrats, which form part of the four-party Alliance
opposition, are reported to have acted alone in the matter while the
Moderates and the Liberal Party have welcomed the discussion.


Immigration? Not Just A British Problem

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