Nigel Farage Named Man Of The Year – Wankerati In Meltdown

Guardian reading Lefty trolls on Facebook, Twitter and other social media have been working themselves into a blue funk over the fact that The Times (London) newspaper has awarded UKIP leader Nigel Farage its Briton of the Year accolade. You would think, to hear the screeching that Nige had been declared God – King, Pontifex Maxiums, Great Panjandrum and chief Wizard of the entire world.

Conservative Party activists and left-wingers led the attack, launching memes claiming the Murdoch owned paper had handed the award to a “waycist” (yes, that’s still the only argument they can screech against the rise of UKIP despite appeals by Cameron, Gove, Miliband and Yvette Cooper to stop doing it as it is counter productive and wanting to control immigration is actually not racism. One of the most tweeted memes compares the award to Time Magazine naming Adolf Hitler man of the year in 1938. Some of the lefty wankers even managed to confuse Time Magazine and the Times newspaper.

There are plenty of Britons who have achieved great things this year but The Times has always regarded itself as the newspaper of record on political matters and it is beyond dispute that Nigen Farage has been the most influential and most talked about politician of 2014, he is now setting the agenda for Convervative and Labour politicians as they backpedal furiously on their open doors immigration and pro – EU integration policies.

So from that perspective the award has gone to the right proper recipient. The question now is whether UKIP can silence the Wankerati and change politics to the extent that voting means something again.

Surprisinly though The Times, traditionally The Conservative Party’s bestest friend in Fleet Street (although it has not lived in Fleet Street for many years)  was always one of the most ferocious news organisations in its attacks on UKIP.  It even reinvented a few old News Of The World dirt digging hacks as “Investigations Reporters” to lend a veneer of respectability to their real job which was to dig up or invent stories about UKIP members who once said something like “Hey lads, shall we go for a chinky,” or “Have you seen the jugs on that new girl in accounts.”


3 thoughts on “Nigel Farage Named Man Of The Year – Wankerati In Meltdown

  1. UKIP are pretty much unstoppable for so long as open door I’s unstoppable, which implies for as long as Britain remains in the EU. Dare say there’ll be the usual last minute pre-election fudges and candy floss pledges from the Tories in April in the hope of mugging the electorate over again, as per the Scots on independence.
    Meantime both Farage and Salmond probably need to watch their backs – as in employ a food-taster – between now & then. A serious threat to the established status quo in this country can have serious consequences for the newby insurgent. Just look what happened to Lady Di..


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