Well he Would Wouldn’t He

Some time ago we were all busy speculating about which member of the  Royal family was named in the elite sex abuse scandal. Well now the name is in the Public Domain the Boggart Blog bookie is congratulating himself on having declined to take bets. his money was on creepy Edward you see. But the name thrown up by the media today is that of Fat Andy, Prince Andrew, the one we all reackoned was quite close to normal if you overlook his habit of demanfing an RAF helicopter to take him the couple of miles from Windsor Castle to his favourite golf course. 

After a report from the USA named him as an associate of American billionaire banker and San Quentin Quail merchant Jeffrey Epstein (wich prompted another of Andy’s American friends, Bill Clinton to comment “Andrew, yeah he used to be a good friend til he got found out but now I never knew him) who kept several very young girls as sex slaves to service his pervy mates, buckingham Palace took the news seriously enough to publish Prince Andrew’s denial.

This only prompted us to thenk of the lady pictured below, who sadly shuffled off this mortal coil recently, and whose famous uip in response to being told some posh bloke had denied ever having had anything to do with her, “Well he would, wouldn’t he?” will earn her a little place in history.

                                                                        Mandy Rice Davis


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