Charlie Hebdo: Defender Of The Lack Of Faith

A typical Charlie Hebdo cover (source)

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo offices were the scene of a terrorist outrage today when gunmen armed with AK47s and a rocket launcher burst in and started firing at staff. So far no group has admitted responsibility so news media are not identifying any suspects or likely motive.

The fact that eye witnesses reported hearing the terrorists shouting “Allahu akbar, (God is greatest) we have avenged the prophet” combined with the magazines long history of ridiculing religion, particularly Islam, might be a bit of a clue as to what groups might be involved and their motivation.

Whatever the motive for the attack turns out to be, it will almost certainly be another attack on free speech, one of the founding principles of western democracy. When that is identified as the case (as it certainly will be) it is fortunate the French nation has marine Le Pen and her front National party to galvanise the defence of traditional European liberties because the natural instinct of socialist President, ‘le petit crapaud’ Hollande will most likely be to cave in to whatever demands the extremists make.

The all-join-hands-and-sing-kumbaya brigade are through their policy of appeasement, responsible for most of the crap in the world today. We must not let them invite alien political groups to walk over us in the name of diversity and multiculturalism. Because if the Charlie Hebdo terrorists get what they want there ain’t gonna be no diversity here or anywhere.

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