Well Bugger Me With The Blunt End Of a Ragman’s Trumpet

I’ve never taken much notice of the ‘reality’ TV show Big Brother or its even more evil twin Celebrity Big Brother but I could not avoid the latest and most stupid to date “Waaaaaaycism” incident.

A short fat man who used to be in Coronation Street was reportedly telling a story about when he was working in panto with former heavyweight boxer Frank Bruno. Big Frank (6’4″) and the short fat actor (about 5’3″) got into a heated discussion. And the story rambled on until the actor said something like ‘The last thing someone like me wants is a confrontation with a big angry negro.’

Upon hearing this a big, stupid (or perhaps partially deaf) negro Afreekaaan Amerikan named Alexander O’Neill (a celebrity whom I’m sure someone somewhere has heard of started screeching “Waaaaaaaaycism”.

“You can’t say Negro in the presence of a black man,” O’Neill wailed.

Bugger me with the blunt end of a ragman’s trumpet, Since when? We know the kind of Premiership footballers who scream “Waaaaaaaaycism” if a European player tackles them think ‘Negro’ is honky slang for ‘nigger’ but the sub Saharan African races are collectively known to anthropologists as African negros just as the European races are know as Europeans and the north African / Middle eastern ethnic groups as Arabs.

I have a few questions, the first about Mr. O’Neill: how did a man who has had his brain amputated get through immigration control. Because whatever O’Neill might once have been momentarily famous for, he’s certainly a word class idiot with a PhD in playing the victim.

Are we to take it now that niggle means to irritate a person of colour, or to call someone niggardly is to suggest they are a tight fisted black person, or night refers to the time of day that is dark suggesting black people are unenlightened or when some nutty preacher says “The end is nigh, he means the blacks are coming to kill us all. Extrapolate such thinking and we quickly see how insane (and racist) it is.

The other questions are for those who scweam and scweam “Wayyyycism” until they’re sick. ‘Do you understand that back and white are not actually races? And have you ever seen a human being who is actually black or white.

I think not. So STF up  until you can act like a human rather than a sheep OK, because if you ignore the rabid rantings of Amereeka’s Obamessiah cult and talk to people from the African continent you will learn that they find references to things African are patronising and dismissive, there are many nations and many races on the African continent. Calling them ‘African’ is rather like if someone were to lump Spanish Flamenco and Scottish reels together as European folk dancing.


Source: Facebook (click image twice for larger view)

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