Chilcott and Burying Bad News

malcolm tucker bury bad news
Were he real Malcolm Tucker would be busy burying shitloads of bad news between now and May (source)

The long General Election campaign looks like it might be quite entertaining. This morning as the staunchly conservative Daily Telegraph ran an op-ed that wittered at length about how UKIP support was flowing back to the Tories and the Greens are going to be the surprise package in May, taking over 10% of the vote, two new polls were published, both showing a narrow lead for The Conservatives and Labour support ebbing away to The Greens. UKIP polled 20% and 18%, but figures higher than their recent average. UKIP haemorrhaging support seems a rather perverse interpretaion of those figures.

That was not what promises the most fun however, even if watching pundits and my critics eat their words is a favourite pastime of mine. No, the thing that offers the most potential for wallowing in schadenfreude is the attempts to justify holding back the publication of The Chilcott report into the Iraq war of 2003 with its dodgy dossiers, weapons of mass destruction, sexing up evidence and the likely exposure of a former Labour as a traitor and war criminal.

I am talking about Anthony Charles Lynton Blair of course. He’s long gone from the domestic politics scene of course, but even so the full disclosure of dodgy deals he cooked up with the Bush administration in Washington would result in Labour meltdown.

And trying to ‘bury bad news’ to employ a Blairism, might well be more harmful. Not only does it hand Nigel Farage a stick with which to beat Labour (note the correct syntax – us Libertarians are well educated), it reinforces the impression that the main parties are all uniformly corrupt and dishonest.

Manipulating the ‘free press’ is of course par for the course in the western democracies these days, as this article from US News site Washington’s blog explains very clearly.

And if they’re doing it in America you can bet our lot are at it too.

The Death Of Democracy – Are The Elites Running Scared From Public Opinion

When did democracy go out of fashion. I don’t remember voting on whether we wanted to give up our civil liberties or be ruled by a dictatorship of unelected bureaucrats from Brussels, but that is where we are heading, along with the other free nations of Europe. And the USA, so-called land of the free is further along the road to fascism than Europe.

4 thoughts on “Chilcott and Burying Bad News

  1. Yes, no surprise about the kicking of the Chilcott can of worms down the Parliamentary corridor of corruption.
    Post GE of course, the buggers can and do do ( doodoo) whatever they like, like burying it forever in new security fears grounds ( pun intended) , whatever.
    Teflon Tony -correctly appropriated!


    • I think in the chaos that will follow the election anything could happen. Lots of scandals will be exposed as the main parties implode.
      Leon Brittan obviously though so to, or is it pure coincidence he died the day after a dossier in the ‘inappropriate sexual activities’ of some senior members of parliament in the 1980s was handed to the police after being ‘discovered’ where people said it was all along.


      • Are you suggesting Lord Brittan was, shall we say, hurried along a bit? Surely not!
        At any rate, post election time looks like being a veritable current affairs blogger’s heaven, as one after another the buggers choke on the full transparency they perpetually swear blind they want.
        ” Be careful what you pretend to ask for” heh. lol


      • What I’m suggesting is tho old nonce might have been asked to do just one more thing for the good of the party.
        Form what I read in this mornings opinion polls, they all need people to come to the aid of the party. UKIP and The Greens are surging.
        And when the anti EU party win in Greece this weekend and immediately tear up the debt … well then the fun will really start.


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