How many Parents?

Every news and comment website is busy with the three parent babies argument today, can’t be arsed myself actually, the only thing that strikes me about it is the familiar dishonesty of politicians and academic as they burble emotive, semtimental nonsense about DNA editing saving people from a lifetime’s suffering.

The fact is embryo screening which gives parents the choice of whether to bring a child into the world which may become severely disabled (having the gene associated with a hereditary problem does not necessarily mean one will develop the problem.) So although I think the development really only delivers another ego massage for scientists, the only problem I have with it is that supporters are using all sorts of euphemisms to disguise the true nature of what is being done.


Lots of ethical questions are raised and of course this sees representatives of the various religions claiming a moral right to speak on the issue. And generally these people are totally opposed, citing the sanctity of life (which is a tad hypocritical coming from senior clerics of the Abrahamic religions.

One comment I saw did make me laugh however, I don’t know whether I was supposed to or if it was indented as a serious point but if it wasn’t a joke it should have been. As the religion verus science argument raged, Tiddles, commenting in The Daily Telegraph asked:

“How many parents did Jesus have … 1, 2, or 3 ?

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