Labour’s Multicultural, Utopian Paradise?

Some of the animals are more equal than others (Image source)

Have to confess, your Boggart Bloggers had a good idea what the Rotherham sex abuse report, published yesterday, was going to contain for quite a while. Rotherham, in the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire had long been one of the Labour flagship councils that the party’s propaganda machine liked to portray as a multicultural utopian farmyard in which all the cultures were equal.

Unfortunately, in line with Orwell’s farmyard fable warning against the dangers of elitist socialism, some cultures were more equal than others.

We’ve written plenty about what has been called the institutiionalised political correctness of Labour run councils both in Rotherham and elsewhere. There are many similar scandals because the same kind of thing went on in many large, post – industrial towns with large minority ethnic and cultural communities.

The official ‘institutionalised political correctness’ response was to cite cultural diversity and the need for racial sensitivity as an excuse for failures by police and local council officials to investigate serious and substantial allegations of organised grooming, sexual abuse and pimping of vulnerable European British girls by members of certain ethnic groups within the migrant community.

Which shows that Labour and their left wing political fellow travellers have abandoned one of the most fundamental principles of western justice, established by King Alfred in the Liber Judicialis, that all are equal before the law.

Clearly that has not been the case for many years if the town you live in has a Labour run council. And it, along with many other principles of justice and basic human rights will be abandoned at national level if The Labour Party or any left wing coalition is returned to power in May.

The Conservatives are not much better of course but are slowly being turned back towards the world of sanity by pressure of public opinion. However we can at least say in their favour that the party is not actively supporting the genocide of the white working class.

15 More Men of South Asian Descent Charged With Child Sex Offences
West Yorkshire Police have charged 14 men and a 16-year-old boy with sex offences including the rape of a girl under the age of 16 in Keighley, a small town in the old Woollen Industry distict of the county. The offences centre on one female victim, with one allegation involving a second who was also under 16 at the time.
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