Labour Bullies Try To Stop UKIP Event

Nigel Farage host UKIP Rotherham branch meeting under a golf umbrella (source)

In the week that the report from Louise Casey’s inquiry into the role of the local council in Rotherham’s CSE scandal, members of the local Labour Party showed solidarity with extremist groups like the neo – Nazi Unite Against Fascism and the neo – fascist Anti Nazi League by trying to disrupt a UKIP event planned long before the report’s publication date was known.

Casey’s report branded the Labour dominated council, “not fit for purpose” due to a culture of “bullying, sexism, suppression and misplaced political correctness”. Ironic them that Labour had no defence against UKIP’s accusing them of institutionalised Political Correctness and could only resort to rent-a-mob bullying tactics to counter criticism.

I’ve actually read some extracts of the Casey report. At one point it states that part of the problem in Rotherham was Labour Party members using initimidation to shut down dissenting voices, critics of Islamophiliac policy and anyone who went off message in the immigration issue in Rotherham. The police, the report said, stood back and said ‘not our problem’.

It seems to us a poor show that South Yourkshires finest could not control a crowd of bad tempered, fat, inarticulate Labour protestors – but perhaps they been told that respecting UKIP’s right to free speech could be considered ‘racislly sensitive’ and rights British Citizens have enjoyed for hundreds of years must be withdrawn in the name of multi culturalism.

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