A Monster From The Past Wreaks Havoc – Cthulhu? Yog Sothoth? Snow?

It was a thing from the past they said, a monster from the paleo – darkness that by 2010 would be made extinct by the downside of progress and never return to afflict children growing up today. It would die because of climate change, they said, and the world would be as if it had never existed. And the Ice Dragon would be slain and disappear from the earth around 2011 and after that people would bask on the sunny shores of Greenland (the Mediterranean area being far too hot for humans by then, they said ).

The Science Is Settled, the monsters are destroyed, they said.

Can anyone tell me what the white stuff in the picture is?

French ski resort Courchevel (where my daughter works) was brought to a standstill last week after record snowfalls lasing four days (Gabby is still trying to work out which white bump her her car) Image source

There is more of this strange white stuff causing havoc on the other side of the world too. Kitmaat, a village In British Columbia, Canada had to be abandoned because of heavy falls.

Kitamaat Village evacuated after 3 days without power due to near record snowfall

Residents had to cut through fallen trees with chainsaws to gain road access

from CBC news

B.C.’s Haisla First Nation ordered the evacuation of Kitamaat Village and its 800 residents on Saturday night, three days after the community lost power following a major snowstorm.

Many residents are staying at the Kitimat Riverlodge Leisure Centre, about 15 kilometres north in the town of Kitimat.

Others are staying with family and friends.

The small towns of Kitimat and Terrace were hit with heavy snow earlier this week — nearly two metres of snow from a Pineapple Express weather system was dumped on the region.

The record for a 24-hour snowfall, set on Feb. 5, 1961, was 112 cm. Weather officials say Kitimat came close with 109 cm of snow in a 24-hour period.

Read full post at CBC website

The lesson we can all learn from that of course is that when ‘The Science’  says ‘a thing of the past’, what is meant is a clear and present danger, but only to those silly enough to believe the priests of ‘Science’. The rest of us just deal with what life throws at us, as our ancestors did all the way to the top of the feeding chain.

Heavy snowfalls in Kitmaat B.C. made conditions difficult for drivers (Image source)


Climate Experts Smeared by Media and Greenpeace for Debunking Global Warming
Anyone who understood basic arithmetic (like how to work out an average) and took the trouble to examine the ‘science’ that backed the climate change scare understood the whole thing was a fraud. And plenty of honest scientists were not afraid to say so. But those who went public faced hate attacks and having their careers trashed. Now however, as evidence exposes the lies of the global warming lobby, they are starting to come forward.
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