I Only Had Twelve Sex Orgies In Three Years Says Shagger Strauss Kahn

Femen prosters outside the courtroom probably sent completely the wrong message to Domique Strauss Kahn

Former future French President and Ex-IMF chief Dominique (Shagger) Strauss-Kahn (DSK), has told a court in northern France where he is currently on trial for pimping, that prosecutors had greatly exaggerated the frequency of his wild orgies in which busloads to prostitutes (paid for by you, me and all European taxpayers dear reader,) ot “licentious evenings,” as he preferred to call them.

In fact, the BBC reports, DSK was straight faced and totally deadpan as he told the court that he took part in only a few rare sex parties – “only 12 parties the last 3 years.”

Oh well that’s alright then. I mean, which of us does not cavort with a bus load of prostitutes in a luxury hotel at the expense of taxpayers at least once every three months?

Mr Strauss-Kahn is accused of helping procure sex workers for a prostitution ring based at a hotel in Lille.

He has argued that he did not know the women were prostitutes.

Although using prostitutes is not illegal in France, supplying them or assisting in supplying them is. Prosecutors have been quoted as saying Mr Strauss-Kahn, 65, played a pivotal role in facilitating the orgies, describing him as the “party king”.

If found guilty, the one-time potential candidate for the French presidency could face up to 10 years in jail and a €1.5m (£1.13m) fine.

As he took the stand on Tuesday, Mr Strauss-Kahn said: “I committed no crime, no offence.”

“The prosecution gives the impression of unbridled activity,” he told the court. But, he added: “There were only 12 parties in total – that is four per year over three years.”

(from BBC News)

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