Is Germany Deliberately Trashing The European Union?

Is Germany Using Greece To Break Up The EU (image source)

Germany has rejected a Greek loan extension request (and no, mainstream media, that is not the same as an extension of the bailout program), proprietary numbers issued by the OECD – which is supposed to be on Germany’s side – to show how dramatically austerity has failed in Europe. If the recovery of the Greek and Spanish economies was ever the real target it has failed politically, either way it has failed the peoplw of those countries.

The problem is that nobody, not even the OECD can force Germany to accept the recommendations of a report. But that does not make the case any less obvious.

Syriza insists that more of the same was not on the table, simply because the longer the bailout terms were applied, the worse things would get in Greece. Germany – and the ECB – choose to entirely ignore the consequences of their theories, in particular the humanitarian crisis they have caused in Greece. And any political union that ignores the misery it unloads upon its citizens has a short shelf life.

I see a majority voices out there claiming that Syriza is busy capitulating, but it does not really look that way. Not many people are or ever were ready to think that Greece was ever going to do what it has said it would. They’ve always said they are willing to go far to reach consensus with Brussels in order to stay in the EU and Eurozone.

But I would be prepaed to place a modest wager on the possibility that Syriza finance minister Varoufakis has come to the conclusion that the Eurozone must and will implode no matter what anybody does, and that he’s simply jockeying for the best position when the time comes to leave the Eurozone.

Germany’s bullying, which is how its actions are being perceived by European media and voters, will come back to hurt it. The Eurozone is made up of independent nations, most with their own specific culture and their own language. The upsurge in nationalist and libertarian parties as a response to the push in Brussels towards integration into a singe federal superstate run by unelected bureaucrats should have proved that.

Trying to browbeat all those sovereign nations into submission, which is the outcome Germany’s stance is leading towards, will only lead to much bigger trouble.

De-Dollarization: Russia Ratifies $100 Billion BRICS Bank

A BRICS Bank – as an IMF alternative and to enable nations to become less dependent on the global reserve currency – was originally discussed at The BRICS Summit in 2012. Then at the 2014 BRICS Summit, the framework for The BRICS Bank was approved as “a system of measures that would help prevent the harassment of countries that do not agree with some foreign policy decisions made by the United States and their allies.


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